Gabriella Santoro

Gabriella Santoro

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Gabriella has a deep appreciation of the physical and cultural architecture of New York and has lived in a variety of structures across three boroughs. A native New Yorker, she was born, raised, and educated in New York City as her parents, paternal grandparents and great grandparents before her (when asked, Gabriella says: no, we did not leave New York, why would we?). She is also sympathetic to what it is like to relocate from far away and settle in New York, as three generations of her mother’s family made their homes on Riverside Drive after leaving Europe.

As a BOND sales agent, her primary focus is co-op and condominium sales, however, as a New Yorker, she has moved many times and understands what it is like to rent in this fabulously intricate city. Before her real estate career, she worked in health and social science research. Educated in psychology, she earned a B.A. from Columbia University and a M.A. from the New School for Social Research. She also lived and worked abroad while earning a M.A. in Creative Writing from Bar-Ilan University, with a focus in poetry.

Here in New York, there is a home for everyone- Gabriella knows how to help you find yours or locate a buyer while you move onwards and upwards, and she won’t give up until success is achieved.

June 2017 by Ray Beckerman
Gabriella was incredible. She exhibited completely amazing wisdom, tenacity, kindness, energy, and flexibility. She had enormous professionalism and encyclopedic knowledge of the New York neighborhoods, of her clients, and how the system works. I give her my highest recommendation, and would work with Gabriella any time.

May 2017 by Yvette Maiello
If your thinking of going at it alone, I strongly suggest you don't! Gabriella was referred by a dear friend and I can only sing of her accolades and pass this referral along to you. Gabriella was a wonderful, supportive agent who helped guide me through the maze of home ownership. She appropriately assessed my home needs, and pre-arranged the viewings, which met my criteria: size, price range, location. She relieved all the burdens associated with buying a home. Really, who knew? Need a mortgage? No problem, she has a working relationship with a few lenders. She dealt with the seller's broker, (a headache in and of itself) and helped move the transaction along smoothly. She alerted me to potential problems and gracefully redirected the process when I went astray. She was calm, assuring and explained the pros and cons of every decision I contemplated. I can assure you, if you are like myself, a busy workaholic, with zero patience for mankind in general, going with Gabriella is the home buying LIFE LINE you need!!! Without her, I would have definitely sabotaged the deal and missed out the PERFECT HOME and SWEET MORTGAGE RATE. While most of my friends cried about the horrors of buying, I can tell you, it was a walk in the park with Gabriella Santoro!

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