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Christa Lawrence

They did the most amazing job with my apartment search. We were looking for a gem and they went above and beyond.

They were attentive and caring in the process - and even better they are both hilarious and charming people! My partner and I were looking for everything under the sun and they really delivered! I would highly recommend using these awesome ladies for your apartment search! You won''t find anyone better!

by Maris G. February 2017

Robert "Bob" Brooks

Bob and his team (Monica and Mark) were AMAZING. I recently took a position at a company in New York and had a short period of time to relocate from Seattle. Bob had reached out to me weeks before and assured me that everything was going to go smoothly and that he could find me a place within the 5 days that I got there. I flew out to New York on a Wednesday night, and took the following day (Thursday) to look at apartments. Monica and I walked tirelessly for 7 hours looking at 15 different apartments. I had tried apply to one of the apartments but could not do it because they required a cosigner that made 80x the monthly rent, which I did not have. I started to get more anxious and almost had a panic attack. But Bob and his team assured me that I would be fine and to put good energy into the world. As a result, I applied to one my top choice apartments and Bob and his team made the impossible happen. I was accepted without a cosigner and signed the lease Fridaymorning. I honestly would not have found a place within my deadline if it weren’t for Bob and his team. He made the deal happen within one day! The team is truly fantastic. He has over 25 years of experience and it shows.

by Phi Pham February 2017

Mathew Randolph

Mateo did a fantastic job meeting our requirements and taking us to amazing apartments. I''ve lived in the city for 9 years and I''ve never had an experience where every apartment a broker has taken me to fit all of my needs. Mateo did. My girlfriend and I were spoiled for choice because of Mateo, and we greatly appreciated his support and professionalism. He even figured out a route to take us to see 5 apartments in one day, starting near our current apartment and ending a block away form where we started. A really wonderful experience.

by David W. February 2017

Meni Tsoukalas

Meni was such a blast to work with! She brings energy and optimism to a process that can be stressful. She was very professional and answered all of our many questions with a smile.

by Abby February 2017

Mathew Randolph

Working with Mathew was a wonderful experience! He showed us five places in one day and ALL of them were up to our standards and totally perfect. We were truly amazed at what he was able to find for us and he was incredibly pleasant, prompt, and prepared throughout the whole process.

by Abby February 2017

Alice Bahar

I had a great experience with Alice! She was easy to work with and was more than accommodating when we worked together.

I'm very excited about my new home and it's thanks to Alice!

by Katie Brosca February 2017

Elena Andersen

Elena Andersen could tell you how I like my coffee! And thank goodness she's so easy to work with, because we spent many hours together. First, Elena helped my husband and me find an apartment in Midtown. Next, she helped our son find a condo in Chelsea.

I would recommend Elena highly. She listens to you, is organized, positive, and thorough. She is the ultimate professional and such a delight to be around. This comes in handy when you are looking at home after home -- and ordering a few coffees along the way!

by Jane Pelley February 2017

Michael Wohlfeld

Highest recognition and commendation to Michael Wohlfeld for a job well done! In a highly competitive market, Michael successfully met the ambitious challenge to find my clients, who are limited by a magnitude of complex issues, a well-appointed and spacious brownstone unit, exceeding our expectations many times over. Given our long list of restrictions and must-haves, and that our desired location was a very small radius in an area with extremely low inventory, this was quite an outstanding accomplishment.

Michael is a joy to work with. He is diligent, professional, researches and networks to find every available opportunity for his clients. My clients are thrilled and have made a beautiful home, thanks to the steadfastness of Mr. Wohlfeld!

Highest praises to you, Michael. We are all very grateful.

by Paula Ptaschnik February 2017

Bobby Florian

Bobby's absolute professionalism, promptness, attention to detail, and kindness were on full display in the course of my apartment search and even after my move in. He took all of the anxiety and aggravation out of the process. An extremely thorough and thoughtful agent. Hands down recommendation.

by Chris Lewis February 2017

Justin Duffy

Great working with Justin Duffy and Aubree Brown. Very knowledgeable, efficient and professional. Amazed that I was able to secure an apartment with all documentation done within a week from my start of the search.

by Melinda J. February 2017

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