Client Experiences

Ike Ugokwe

We began our contact with Ike in Los Angeles. Eager to assist us in our move to the city he insisted we meet with him upon our arrival. Meeting with Ike we felt an immediate connection. From the beginning he was very attentive, listening and implementing our wants and needs. We had no doubt he would present us with just what we were looking for. His earnest and amicable nature was nothing short of comforting. He was exceedingly knowledgeable, presenting us with various options all tailored to our specific criteria. Within the first day Ike revealed what instantly felt like our new home. Warm, down to earth, genuine. A true gem. We couldn’t have done it without you Ike. Much love.

by Zaelin & Masha May 2017

Laura Lawrence

Laura was amazing to work with for so many reasons! She has lived in NYC her entire life and knows the ins and outs of every area extremely well. She was professional yet very caring and it was obvious how much she wanted to succeed in finding us the perfect apartment, which she achieved in less than 1 day! She actually found an amazing place in our price range in a better neighborhood than we thought we could afford. We are so happy with how seamless the process was and how great our new apartment is.

by Brittany May 2017

Robert "Bob" Brooks

I am new to moving to New York after growing up and attending college in the Midwest. My roommate currently lives in the city, but finding an apartment that was in our price range and met many of our requests (such as a low walkup, near our workplaces or near a train, etc.) was horrific. We continued to search and search and became discouraged. That was until we came into business with Bob. Bob was easy to work with, incredibly helpful, very responsive, and everything you could ask for in a broker. If you’re located in New York or anywhere else, Bob is your guy. He is very accommodating and flexible and will do whatever it takes to find you what you are looking for. My roommate and I found the perfect place thanks to Bob. Bob is the guy I will recommend to all my friends and my own broker for life! Thanks, Bob!

by Brett Stuck May 2017

Daniela Gaudino

Daniela is smart, professional, and helped me get an apartment very quickly. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in the business. I would trust her in your search for an apartment, there are too many brokers out there who don''t know what they are doing. Daniela was extremely helpful and very nice as well!

by Elizabeth May 2017

Toni Balzotti

From the get go, Toni had the right attitude and honesty to show me exactly the kind of place I was looking for. Didn''t feel hustled or taken advantage of at any time. On the contrary, I felt like I made a friend who genuinely felt happy to help me into a new city. Before actively searching neighborhoods, I told her and her team what I was looking for, and by the second apartment, I had found what I wanted. Toni said this was part of her job--knowing what people want/need without wasting their time. She was right: I rented that very apartment. All the best, Toni, thanks for helping me out.

by Matt VB. May 2017

Jane Nicklin

I had the good fortune of working with Jane this past winter while apartment hunting. Jane''s knowledge, reliability and warmth proved invaluable over the few weeks I met with her, helping me better understand my options and the process. A more gracious agent you''d be hard pressed to find.

by Chris Lewis May 2017

Robert "Bob" Brooks

I''ve lived in NYC for 5 years and I''ve rented A LOT of different apartments. It is always a nightmare and I try my absolute hardest to avoid brokers because I''m always spoken down to, told to come into the office and shown a bunch of things out of my price range in irrelevant neighborhoods on way higher walkup floors than I request. Bob was honest, fair & more than helpful in searching his entire database for my requirements. Then he gave me a clear list of days and times to see them, starting with the one he knew I would love. He insisted I raise my voice about any issues I may have & that he would be able to help me with ANYTHING as long as I spoke up. Every single thing I asked about he made work for me & he was right about that first apartment. We loved it & had our application in just minutes later! He took the time to explain things without being condescending and after just 30 minutes in the office & a two day span from seeing it & signing the lease, he gained a lifelong client! If you''re looking for a place, Bob is your guy! Thanks, Bob!

by Abie Shippee May 2017

Gabriella Santoro

If your thinking of going at it alone, I strongly suggest you don't! Gabriella was referred by a dear friend and I can only sing of her accolades and pass this referral along to you. Gabriella was a wonderful, supportive agent who helped guide me through the maze of home ownership. She appropriately assessed my home needs, and pre-arranged the viewings, which met my criteria: size, price range, location. She relieved all the burdens associated with buying a home. Really, who knew? Need a mortgage? No problem, she has a working relationship with a few lenders. She dealt with the seller's broker, (a headache in and of itself) and helped move the transaction along smoothly. She alerted me to potential problems and gracefully redirected the process when I went astray. She was calm, assuring and explained the pros and cons of every decision I contemplated. I can assure you, if you are like myself, a busy workaholic, with zero patience for mankind in general, going with Gabriella is the home buying LIFE LINE you need!!! Without her, I would have definitely sabotaged the deal and missed out the PERFECT HOME and SWEET MORTGAGE RATE. While most of my friends cried about the horrors of buying, I can tell you, it was a walk in the park with Gabriella Santoro!

by Yvette Maiello May 2017

John Montalvan

John was very helpful to me in apartment search, taking extra pictures of a unit when I asked for them and being very flexible on scheduling. On top of that, he''s a good guy who didn''t pressure me to make a decision or try to up-sell me. Highly recommended.

by Isaac May 2017

Bryan Leon

Bryan was straightforward, down-to-earth, and understood my needs very well. He also reached out to make scheduling easier and made time for me on short notice. A good partner in the apartment hunt.

by Isaac May 2017

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