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Thomas Bohan

Tom is great! Very personable and responsive! Awesome experience.

by Alix March 2019

Thomas Bohan

I have written compliments earlier but Thomas Bohan has continued to be extremely helpful and gone far beyond the call of duty to help me in being accepted for the rental I applied for. I doubt that without his assistance I would have been able to rent this apartment. Two earlier applications were not finalized due to problems unrelated to my application but there was concern and Tom did his best to assure that all results were positive so that I ultimately was able to rent the chosen apartment. I strongly recommend him as an excellent broker who is able to understand the needs of the applicant(s) and make their final choice possible.

by Leatrice Mendelsohn December 2017

Thomas Bohan

Thomas has been extremely helpful, from the showing of two rental apartments in 220 East 87th St. to advising and assisting in the process of filing an application up to the final approval that is out of his hands.. Particularly when more than one person is involved in the transaction and all persons participating are primarily self-employed and working at their place of residence complicated explanations often require complex approaches to bring the two sides together.. In addition, Tom has given sound advice on all the complications that a sub=rental can entail. His pleasant, relaxed manner has helped to make a potentially stressful situation appear easier .A broker acting on behalf of both parties has to balance the difficult role of intermediary between two parties who together are working to conclude a mutually advantageous business exchange while s/he, is often unable to influence the outcome. As the representative of the seller, Thomas has been equally adept at taking into account the needs and wishes of the future renter. We ( future tenant and supporters) have had a positive experience working patiently towards a final conclusion, which nevertheless is not in a broker''s power to decide.

by Leatrice Mendelsohn September 2017

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