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Ezechiel Bly

Ezechiel is exceptional! I called him about a listing on a Friday afternoon and he worked with us for the next three days searching for the perfect apartment for our college students. He listened and was relentless in going through all the listings to find the perfect one in spite of the extremely competitive market during the summer. I would highly recommend Ezechiel. He is kind, as well as persistent in taking care of his client! Thoroughly enjoyed working with him!

by Mary Cloninger July 2019

Ezechiel Bly

Ezechiel was extremely affable and quick to assess and understand my needs. He was honest, efficient, and got things done. He laid out the facts and did not try to embellish things to make a sale. He was more committed than all the other brokers I’ve worked with and did not rest until we found the apartment I loved. I highly recommend working with Ezechiel if you want to find your dream home quickly, hassle free, and have fun doing it. I will refer him to anyone looking to rent or buy in New York!

by Lukas Gabric September 2018

Ezechiel Bly

Ezechiel Bly was absolutely amazing!! He worked so hard to find me the perfect apartment to fulfill all of my desired needs/wants (1 bedroom, wood floors, large closet space, bath tub, walking distance to my job, and within my price range). He did a wonderful job at narrowing down the search to reach my preferences. Once we found the apartment that I fell in love with, Ezechiel made it his top priority to get me into that apartment as quickly as possible. During the process, Ezechiel helped push me to get my paperwork in as soon as possible so that I had advantage over the other applicant. I could never have gotten the most perfect apartment as quickly as I did from working with Ezechiel. He was thorough and clear when giving instructions. He was kind and consistent. Within one week of looking at the apartment, Ezechiel had me signing my lease. It was such a smooth process. Bond is a great Company and Ezechiel is the perfect person to work with when looking for an apartment with limited time and narrow preferences. Thank you Ezechie! I am very excited to move into my new home!

by Lauren Soucy August 2018

Ezechiel Bly

Ezechiel was tremendously helpful, personable, communicative, and positive during our search for my first apartment in New York. I don''t know what we would have done without him. We traveled all around neighborhoods in Manhattan with him while he filled us with information, diligently contacted landlords, and brought us to properties that suited our needs. Whatever request we threw at him, he was ready to listen, recalculate, and refine his search with good humor and optimism. Not only was he a wonderful professional, he was funny, kind, and made me and my family feel welcome and at-ease. He gave 100% and we are so grateful.

by Emily Sullivan August 2018

Ezechiel Bly

Zeek helped me and my husband find our perfect apartment within 2 weeks. He''s fast at understanding me and my husband''s needs and was able to show us apartments that are within our budgets and expectation within a very short time. He also helped us to fight most of our deposit back from our previous landlord. Otherwise, we would''ve lost most of the deposit due to unreasonable charges. I highly recommend him for his skill sets and professionalism in this industry and pleasant personality to work with.

by Lan Z. Lyga August 2018

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