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Gabriella Santoro

Gabriella was a dream broker. Knowledgeable, honest, always ready to answer any questions I had, no matter how dumb, and has a good network of resources. She made the whole process so much easier than it could have been, and was always a positive and personal force of good. I would recommend her to anyone I could.

by Josh Huffman September 2019

Gabriella Santoro

Gabriella was an amazing agent. She listened to my needs with buying an apt and helped me navigate the daunting task of being a first time buyer. She helped me understand so much about the process and she is a lovely person to work with. I highly recommend Gabriella as an agent. I know we will work together again in the future.

by D’Alvia July 2019

Gabriella Santoro

Gabriella was efficient, fact based, responsive, committed, willing to show us as much as we needed to see. She was diligent in managing the process and made it much easier for us than we expected.

by Joe May 2019

Gabriella Santoro

Gaby was fantastic as my real estate agent. I'd been looking for several years when she started working with me, and she helped me kick my search into high gear. Over 12 months, she found and took me to dozens of properties, learning each time (along with me!) a little more about what was really important to me. When we found the apartment I eventually purchased, I was already prepared with all of my necessary documents, thanks to Gaby's guidance. She is patient, sharp, thorough, and kind. She knew what questions to ask, and more importantly, guided me through the process in a way that took care of both the practical elements (what to offer, how to prepare, what factors to consider) and the emotional elements (how did I feel, how did that inform what I should do, why I should or shouldn't be concerned about any given part of the process). I STRONGLY recommend buying a home with Gaby. She is a great partner for a first-time home buyer, and I would also use her for any future home purchases.

by David Rosen November 2018

Gabriella Santoro

Gabriella made renting the perfect apartment in NYC easy and enjoyable. She was professional and worked hard for us. We will definitely be using Gabriella again.

by Deb Irmscher May 2018

Gabriella Santoro

Gabriella is genuinely helpful and a pleasure to work with. She understood our various parameters immediately and was persistent and patient when dealing with the various other parties involved in the house-buying process. She answered our (many) queries promptly and concisely and didn't seek to push us in any particular direction. She is intelligent, honest, and down-to-earth, and has a calm, reassuring presence (maintained even when we had our five-year old son in tow). Finally, as others here have remarked, she also has a usefully comprehensive knowledge of New York City neighborhoods. Gabriella has earned our enthusiastic endorsement.

by Michael Wilson January 2018

Gabriella Santoro

Gabriella was excellent. She made herself available immediately when we had to buckle down and find an apartment under severely limited time constraints. She listened to our needs and wants in terms of location, price, etc., and followed up with the buildings we were interested in in a very timely fashion. Plus, Gabriella is very knowledgeable about various neighborhoods in NYC, which makes the whole experience much easier for stressed/overwhelmed clients. All in all, a very positive experience and we would highly recommend Gabriella to anyone looking to rent or buy in NYC.

by Tina & Anand Omprakash December 2017

Gabriella Santoro

Gabriella was incredible. She exhibited completely amazing wisdom, tenacity, kindness, energy, and flexibility. She had enormous professionalism and encyclopedic knowledge of the New York neighborhoods, of her clients, and how the system works. I give her my highest recommendation, and would work with Gabriella any time.

by Ray Beckerman June 2017

Gabriella Santoro

If your thinking of going at it alone, I strongly suggest you don't! Gabriella was referred by a dear friend and I can only sing of her accolades and pass this referral along to you. Gabriella was a wonderful, supportive agent who helped guide me through the maze of home ownership. She appropriately assessed my home needs, and pre-arranged the viewings, which met my criteria: size, price range, location. She relieved all the burdens associated with buying a home. Really, who knew? Need a mortgage? No problem, she has a working relationship with a few lenders. She dealt with the seller's broker, (a headache in and of itself) and helped move the transaction along smoothly. She alerted me to potential problems and gracefully redirected the process when I went astray. She was calm, assuring and explained the pros and cons of every decision I contemplated. I can assure you, if you are like myself, a busy workaholic, with zero patience for mankind in general, going with Gabriella is the home buying LIFE LINE you need!!! Without her, I would have definitely sabotaged the deal and missed out the PERFECT HOME and SWEET MORTGAGE RATE. While most of my friends cried about the horrors of buying, I can tell you, it was a walk in the park with Gabriella Santoro!

by Yvette Maiello May 2017

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