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Gabriella Santoro

Gaby was fantastic as my real estate agent. I'd been looking for several years when she started working with me, and she helped me kick my search into high gear. Over 12 months, she found and took me to dozens of properties, learning each time (along with me!) a little more about what was really important to me. When we found the apartment I eventually purchased, I was already prepared with all of my necessary documents, thanks to Gaby's guidance. She is patient, sharp, thorough, and kind. She knew what questions to ask, and more importantly, guided me through the process in a way that took care of both the practical elements (what to offer, how to prepare, what factors to consider) and the emotional elements (how did I feel, how did that inform what I should do, why I should or shouldn't be concerned about any given part of the process). I STRONGLY recommend buying a home with Gaby. She is a great partner for a first-time home buyer, and I would also use her for any future home purchases.

by David Rosen November 2018
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