Bobby Florian

Bobby Florian

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Bobby Florian grew up in Queens and has studied and worked in New York City from the age of fourteen. His vast knowledge of Manhattan neighborhoods is among the qualities that help him provide his clients with exceptional real estate experiences.

During the time that he worked in his father’s carpentry business renovating Manhattan apartments, Bobby
developed an interest in real estate. Upon graduating from John Jay College with a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice he decided to join Bond New York, and grow with an organization that is among the best in the the industry.

A student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Marcelo Garcia, Bobby is a disciplined individual which will go above and beyond the average to provide an excellent experience to his clients whether they are buying, selling or leasing real estate in New York.

August 2018 by Kathleen Williams
Bobby was an excellent realtor. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I truly felt he had our best interest every step of the way.

February 2018 by Anna Fatlowitz
?My boyfriend and I had wanted to see a very specific apartment and ended up meeting Bobby. Unfortunately, it took 3 different tries to actually see the apartment because of communication issues with the super. In the days we tried to see the apartment, Bobby took us around the same area and showed us a ton of apartments that were farther east (on the UES) meaning farther from the subways and apartments within our budget range. What a huge difference slight changes make! When we were finally got to see the original apartment we were trying to see, we knew right away we wanted it. Our quick decision wouldn''t have happened without Bobby taking us to all the other apartments. We just knew it was exactly what we wanted in the best location. I can''t thank him enough and will recommend him to all of our friends.

February 2017 by Chris Lewis
Bobby's absolute professionalism, promptness, attention to detail, and kindness were on full display in the course of my apartment search and even after my move in. He took all of the anxiety and aggravation out of the process. An extremely thorough and thoughtful agent. Hands down recommendation.

January 2015 by Zachary DuBow
Saw a bunch of places in a short time with Bobby Florian- appreciate the hustle and effort.

September 2014 by Jason Mattar
We were referred to Bobby Florian through a bunch of friends. When we got to him, he was already more professional than most other agents we had worked with. We looked at a few places before we saw the right one and we decided to take it right away. Bobby drove us to the apartment. Took us through it, took us through the application process and the process of providing all the necessary documents with ease. There was a small mix-up with how payment needed to be made but it was solved just with a trip to the bank. Even after we had signed and handed over payment, he took us to the place to get the proper measurements of all the rooms.

I would definitely recommend Bobby Florian to anyone looking to rent in NYC.

June 2014 by Ben Readhead
Bobby Florian provided excellent service during our recent apartment hunt. He listened carefully to what we were looking for, made thoughtful suggestions and arranged good quality viewings which aligned well with our needs. When it came time to submit and manage applications, Bobby was very responsive, and anticipated logistic hurdles which could have otherwise delayed things for us. Bobby acted in a very professional, trustworthy manner, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to find an apartment in Manhattan.

April 2014 by Antia Alonso
Bobby Florian, an amazing professional. Kind, educated and really helpful.

March 2014 by Emily Fishbein
Bobby Florian began helping me just a few weeks ago and showed me an amazing apartment - it had everything I wanted and he went to the management company and went ahead and asked a few questions for me which was great. I found him to be personable, trustworthy, patient and kind - a very hard find in a broker in this city. His emails and calls were quick to get back to me which I appreciated. I have already recommended him to friends and I hope to work with him again. He was spectacular.

December 2013 by Kejin Li
I had an wonderful day working with you!

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