Christa Lawrence

Christa Lawrence

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Christa Lawrence has dedicated her career to helping people enjoy their lives more fully.

After studying Hospitality at NYU, Christa worked in the hospitality industry in catering, bartending and as a restaurant manager for 20 years, before applying her skills to finding clients their ideal Manhattan homes.

"I have always focused to her clients, putting their needs first, and looks at all aspects of a home from resale value to access to a dog park, transportation and the amenities that matter to the individual renter or buyer.

Born in NYC and raised in Connecticut, Christa has lived in the East Village since age 17.

February 2017 by Maris G.
They did the most amazing job with my apartment search. We were looking for a gem and they went above and beyond.

They were attentive and caring in the process - and even better they are both hilarious and charming people! My partner and I were looking for everything under the sun and they really delivered! I would highly recommend using these awesome ladies for your apartment search! You won't find anyone better!

August 2014
I''ve never used Yelp. I just got it for the purpose of being able to let people know how wonderful Christa Lawrence is.

Three years ago I went to her, just out of college and unfamiliar with anything about renting an apartment.

She explained everything- no bullshit- and only showed me apartments that I would like (no bait and switch/wasted time).

Right away, Christa found me my DREAM apartment- 3 years later I am still living here, signing a lease for a 4th year.

Christa is so knowledgeable about the market and doesn''t let any leasing office/landlord take advantage of you. She sticks up for you and makes sure you are getting a fair deal and proper treatment.

If you''re looking for a place, use her. You''ll luck out.

July 2014
I began my apartment search in Gramercy and Flatiron and that''s how I came in contact with Erica Geller and Christa Lawrence. They took the time to show me the area and many rental apartments in the area. I found one I really liked and started the application process but changed my mind. I ended up not finding what I was looking for and rethinking what I want in an apartment and searching for what I need. Erica and Christa were not only very professional and knowledgeable but extremely easy to reach by phone and email. They responded quickly at all hours of the day. These are people I would recommend if you are ready to make a serious purchase and want to work with a team that is highly connected to listings and easy to reach.

July 2014
After reading other reviews, its pretty clear that the agent you work with makes all the difference in your outcome and experience.

Work with Christa Lawrence. She is amazing.

In a 4 hour period, I was able to do the following:
1. Review budget and search criteria.
2. View 10 units (all within budget), giving me a great sense of which types of units were available at what prices.
3. Submit an application and secure a unit.

In the end, I settled on a one bedroom apartment in the East Village that came in well under budget. Whenever I move again, Christa will be my first call.

June 2014 by Egor Ampleev
I had the pleasure of working with Erica Geller, whom I met through a real estate advertisement, as well as communicating with her wonderful coworkers - Christa Lawrence and Suzanne Arcoleo at the Bond office.

I really enjoyed Erica''s approach, which was fair, honest, professional and straight-forward. She showed outstanding communication skills, excellent salesmanship and she was simply easy and pleasant to be around. Erica understood what I needed immediately and prepared good and fitting options. She was also very accurate and timely.

I definitely recommend working with Erica throughout your search.

December 2013 by Emily Soukas
Working with Christa and Liz gave me the peace of mind I needed when searching for an apartment. They took an incredibly stressful, tedious, and frustrating process, and turned it into a fun and enjoyable experience.

December 2013 by Christie Mannion
I got an apartment in less than 2 days! Christa and Elizabeth were super fun and I found my ideal place super fast. It was the first one we looked at! Thanks for getting me out of yucky Brooklyn!!! And thanks for playing "the final countdown" upon request after I got approved. It was an all around triumph.

DNA Info

Published 11/07/2016 - By East Village Is No Longer 'Affordable' Option for Most Buyers, Experts Say


DNA Info - East Village Is No Longer 'Affordable' Option for Most Buyers, Experts Say - November 7, 2016

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The Real Deal

Published 09/01/2013 - By Manhattan Brokers Dress to Impress

Manhattan brokers tailor style to neighborhoods

From suits to leather boots, what to wear depends on the area

September 01, 2013 
By Julie Strickland

From left: Christa Lawrence and

From left: Christa Lawrence and Elizabeth Stribling

For New York City real estate brokers, “dress for success” is more than a saying.

Choosing the right style of clothing signals competence and savvy to clients, brokers said, and the appropriate attire varies widely depending on the neighborhood.

Brokers who work on the Upper East Side — traditionally the city’s most exclusive, conservative neighborhood — dress in polished, classic clothes, according to Elizabeth Stribling, the founder of the eponymous residential brokerage.

“One should always look professional,” Stribling said. “For me, a beautiful designer suit presents oneself as someone who hopefully has a mark of success, and therefore, of confidence.” Proper attire signals that a broker will put great thought and consideration into a deal, she added.

Similarly, no self-respecting male broker would be caught dead north of 59th Street without a suit, with most choosing traditional cuts and colors.

“If I know I’m going to show [on] Park or Madison or Fifth, I’m definitely wearing a suit,” said Lawrence Rich of Elliman, noting that he often opts for pinstripes or gray flannel.

Below 34th Street, however, suits come in more daring colors, “cut a little shorter, [and] fit a little tighter,” said Kane Manera of Elliman.

In the East Village and on the Lower East Side, however, the rules change drastically.

Christa Lawrence, a Bond New York broker and longtime East Village resident, describes her on-the-job style as “leather and chunky, heavy-duty silver jewelry.” Her boss Douglas Wagner, executive director of leasing at Bond, described her as “the rock-and-roll girl,” an image she happily embraces.

“I think if I showed up wearing all Lilly Pulitzer, they’d be like, ‘Who is this person, and why is she trying to convince me to live here?’” Lawrence said. “When you see me, you’re like, ‘Oh, okay, Downtown chick.’”

Beyond conveying the vibe of a neighborhood, the clothes brokers choose can help clients relate to them. Financiers identify with a broker in a basic suit, for example, while a Downtown gallerist may breathe a sigh of relief at colorful skirts and funky lines.

“There’s something to be said for human beings liking others with a similar mindset, similar creative ideals,” Manera said. “Like attracts like."

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