Daniel Voiselle

Daniel Voiselle

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Currently residing in Woodside, NY Dan understands what it means to move. He has worked in one of the most profound moving organizations in the world after all, the Military. Growing up in Denver, Colorado, Dan had a passion for traveling the world. Benefiting from the travel perks of his grandmother’s job with United Airlines, Dan had been to 12 countries and 36 states by the time he was 18. After that, he joined The United States Air Force which had him moving every 2 years with stations in the Netherlands, Hawaii and California. Deployed to Afghanistan, Kuwait and Qatar and temporary deployments traveling to Japan and the Philippines.

These days, his traveling is more of a local kind, he makes his way all over the city in a quest to find the perfect home for his clients. The skills he learned in his own travels make him a valuable asset to his clients because he understands first hand how stressful it can be to have to pick up and move in a moment’s notice. His calm demeanor and ability to overcome challenges that arise in short time frames help alleviate his clients’ stress. The discipline he gained from being in the Air Force, has made him a thorough and detail-oriented agent, who handles the complexities of a move so his clients’ don’t have to.

After his service Dan used his GI bill to graduate at International Culinary Center in NYC for personal skill in the kitchen and his affection for great food means he is a great resource for restaurants. If it isn't traveling, Dan also loves to fish, camp, and game on his off time.

August 2019 by Alexander Pinkerton
Daniel was extremely helpful and very nice. He answered every question I asked him and even took the time to get back to me at during late hours when I needed it most. If I end up looking for a new place in LIC, I will certainly go to Daniel first.

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