Daniela Petix-Gaudino

Daniela Petix-Gaudino

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Daniela Gaudino has been selling and renting real estate for nearly 12 years. She enjoys navigating the intricacies of the market, and thrives in facilitating a process that is as important as it is complex.

For Daniela, communication, patience, and understanding her customer’s needs is crucial to a fruitful professional relationship. Once on the job, she is driven to find the most efficient ways to attain the best results. Daniela strives to deliver exceptional real estate services while also making each transaction rewarding and fun for the parties involved.

Originally from Naples, Italy, Daniela charms customers with her endearing personality, business savvy, and creative eye when assessing properties. Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and Greek, she relates well to people of different cultures and views their needs from both personal and professional perspectives.

Patient, empathetic, and extremely ethical, Daniela never laughs at any request and will stick with you until you find what you are looking for. As truly full-service, tried-and-true customer broker, she takes pride in watching someone invest their hard-earned money in a property they love – one which she of course helped them find!

Outside of work, Daniela has enjoyed volunteering and being involved with art events with AOTA, Artist of the America, for many years.

April 2018 by Sandra Cordero
Daniela was patient and helpful every step of the way. She is very trustworthy and a genuinely nice person as well. We have used her as our broker twice now for purchasing an apartment. Both times she used her extensive knowledge to help us find a great place. I wouldn''t hesitate to recommend her.

March 2018 by Elena e Matteo
Daniela Gaudino un nome una garanzia! Presente, preoccupata, professionale e sempre disponibile. Siamo riusciti ad avere “la nostra” casa a Newyork anche grazie a lei e alla sua rete di contatti, Sempre positiva anche nei momenti difficili. Caparbia nel trovare la soluzione giusta per noi e perseverante nel raggiungere l’obiettivo per il bene del cliente. Consiglio a tutti di contattarla anche solo per un parere, non ve ne pentirete. Una broker prima... un’amica dopo. Grazie Daniela.

November 2017 by Laura
Daniela is the most amazing broker and person that I could have met. I met Daniela last year when I moved to New York from Praga. From Praga, I booked a room online for New York. It was a nightmare! I called a friend in NY that knew Daniela and she called her right away. Daniela came to pick me up at this awful apartment and with such warm smile, she told me not to worry and that she will not leave me until she saw me in a safe clean place. In a day I rented a cute little Upper East Side apartment. From that day Daniela is my broker and a new friend. I called Daniela last week and I asked her if she knew a broker that could help me with to find an office space because I thought she only did residential. She said to me "Laura, I am a hybrid agent, what do you need, tell me the price, size, location and what is on your wish list." In the same day, she scheduled 2 buildings for us to see. I rented the first space that I saw! It has everything I wished for even the subway right out of my beautiful office! Thank you, Daniela. You are truly my broker for life! You''re amazing, trustworthy and most of all you are a true friend!

May 2017 by Elizabeth
Daniela is smart, professional, and helped me get an apartment very quickly. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in the business. I would trust her in your search for an apartment, there are too many brokers out there who don''t know what they are doing. Daniela was extremely helpful and very nice as well!

March 2017 by Mariela Rueda
Daniela is a great agent, but also a great person. She made my apartment research very easy. She showed me really good apartment options and I picked one the first day we met us. She is very friendly, professional and reliable.

January 2017 by Diego Sadler
Daniela was great! She is a pleasure to work with. She helped us 10 years ago, and now when we decided to buy an apartment in NYC she was instrumental in getting things going. She is extremely pleasant, always available, and answers emails and phone calls immediately. She is always in a good mood and relates very well to all parties involved in the transaction.

She was extremely helpful from day one, visiting apartments, putting in an offer on our behalf, helping with communication with the seller and the seller''s broker, preparation of the Board Package, helping in setting up the Board interview, communication with the building managing agent, and helping with the coordination of the closing. She even recommended a NYC real estate attorney and insurance company to us for the new apartment; both were great and very reasonably priced.

We strongly recommend Daniela for real estate in NYC without reservations.

January 2017 by Stephen
Daniela Gaudino was the best agent I could imagine on many levels. She was professional, punctual, and smart; she really took care of everything. When I thought I was losing my mind and the deal was about to go south many times, she said, "Don't worry. Give me a few minutes," made a few calls and everything was back on track.

She worked very hard and I have to admit, she literally kept the deal together and on track and made it happen in the end. She also has a great sense of humor, which made working with her a joy. Best of all, she was able to get me top dollar for my Manhattan condo.

July 2016 by Molly
Daniela is absolutely wonderful. I have looked at apartments with brokers before where I came prepared with all the information on places I wanted to see and they just basically unlocked doors for me. When that happens, all I can think is, "What am I paying you for?" It was the exact opposite with Daniela. She knew what I was looking for in the price range and came fully stocked with options making me feel like I didn''t have to worry. She was in constant communication, and, besides that, is so sweet and fun and it is clear that even the super''s love her visiting their buildings! I really felt like I was paying the broker''s fee for her doing her job - a job so well done! Thank you, Daniela!

May 2016 by Rachel Heidenry
Daniela was wonderful. She handled all of our paperwork in a professional and timely manner, and got us the apartment we wanted for our desired move-in date. She was super communicative and helpful with all of our questions. I would definitely work with her again.

May 2016 by Travis Taylor
I highly recommend Daniela Gaudino for your real estate needs. Daniela was our real estate agent back in 2007 and tirelessly helped us to find the right apartment for our needs. Buying a home in NYC isn''t easy--especially for people living out of state--but Daniela''s professionalism and superb knowledge of the real estate market allayed our concerns. I think she personally showed us at least 35 different apartments and never once pressured us for a sale. She is amiable, trustworthy, and always completes tasks in an efficient manner. Last year, we decided to rent out the apartment and Daniela has served as our broker the entire time. She makes the process easy and handles all the important details--thereby allowing me to focus on the big picture. She is a top notch agent/broker, and a fabulous person. A+ rating. Hire her--you won''t regret it!

April 2016 by Allen & Christina
Daniela was extremely responsive and easy to work with. We have been looking for a great apartment in the UWS and Daniela found us a great deal and was helpful throughout each step of the process. I highly recommend Daniela. Thanks for all your help!

February 2016 by Seth and Chelsea
Daniela was not only professional but was able to quickly understand our needs and immediately matched them to the competitive NYC market. Daniela took over negotiations and truly represented our best interest, keeping us well informed, as we were still finding our way in the City. She made the process smooth, time effective and less stressful. Overall, she is the proven statement that good business is all about taking care of people.

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