Doug Hochlerin

Doug Hochlerin

Featured in Books, NY1 News, and The New York Times, Manhattan's Best Known Realtor Doug Hochlerin is dedicated to finding you the perfect apartment. Quoted by clients in The New York Times as "the only broker who told the truth", and "the only broker who didn't laugh at their request", Doug has provided thousands with the finest apartment values, and will make your apartment dreams a reality.

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December 2009
In our search for a rental apartment, Doug Hochlerin turned out to be the ideal agent. We called Doug because of an article that appeared in the New York Times about one year ago, which I believe stated that Doug was one of the only honest broker in New York. My wife and I found Doug to be patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and very decent. In the end, after showing us many apartments, he found exactly what we were looking for----a one bedroom apartment between Lincoln Center and Central Park West. We think very highly of Doug and have recommended him to some friends. Gary Joseph

September 2009
You did a fine job for me, soooo, when you have a minute, let us get together for lunch; you will be my guest.

Good mention in The New York Times.

Be well, Doug.

Ben Kaplan

September 2009
We signed our lease, so we are all set. Thanks again, Doug.
I will send anyone who''s looking your way, d

September 2009
You really were amazing and showed me a lot and I will definitely refer people to you. Please keep in touch with me in case you ever go somewhere else.

I really, really appreciate everything you did for me.

Take care, Diana

August 2009
Dear Doug,
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say Thank You for all your hard work getting our apartment rented!
--Catherine Calvert

July 2009
Thank you for all the places you showed us. You knew exactly what we wanted. You are amazing and we so appreciate all your efforts and hard work.
We always love you,
Sima and Jerry Levy

July 2009
I appreciate all of your hard work for my daughters and me.
All the best,

June 2009
It was a pleasure working with you. We are very happy with the apartment and the building! Thanks for finding us the right place to start a new life in NYC.
---Dewi & Andreas Lillienthal

May 2009
Doug recently helped my boyfriend and I find an apartment. We came with a long list of requirements, and Doug took one look at the list and said "Let''s get to work." He then proceeded to show us, over the next two months, I don''t even know how many apartments, way too many to keep track of. He never got discouraged, he never told me to settle for something less, in fact he encouraged us to keep looking until we found the perfect fit. He found us our "perfect fit" almost two months to the day from when we had started, and now a month after moving in we are still looking at each other saying "Can you believe how perfect this is???!!!" I highly recommend Doug to you, his honest, great mood (all the time!!!) and his joy at seeing each new space he takes you to will make your experience the pleasure finding a new apartment should be.
Thank you Doug.
--Debbie Atacama

May 2009
I just wanted to thank you for helping us find a reliable tenant for our East Harlem apt. The experience of being a landlord is a bit scary at first but you made it seem like just another phase in our lives that we should embrace and not stress over. Thanks to you it was exactly that...stress free.
--Tony and Karin Bruno

May 2009

Doug helped me land my first apartment in NYC in the fall of 1995. Not just any apartment, but a rent stabilized, 1 bedroom unit on the Upper East Side for $332 a month. In addition to sourcing the apartment, Doug played an instrumental role in our application process and worked closely with us to distinguish our packet amongst a highly competitive field of 15 applicants. Overall, Doug proved himself to be professional, highly knowledgeable, and on a personal level, a pleasure to work with.
--Michael Werther

May 2009
Doug had his hands full with the list of what we needed.

He didn''t give up and was determined not let us down. He tried to fulfill all our needs. He is direct, honest, and has patience''s.
He listens to what you need. What you can live with, our live without.

We are very happy living in our new apartment, he fit it all for us, the location, the building, the space, along with the price.
Doug has a way of finding that special place just for you. The apartments fit you, your personality, with a price that is in your budget. I have recommended him a few times and each time I am received calls, only thanking me.
--Belinda Johnson

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