Elena Andersen

Elena Andersen

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Elena Andersen‘s success is due in large part to her commitment to going the extra mile, not only to meet her clients’ expectations, but to exceed them. While the ultimate goal is a successful transaction, Elena’s warm approach sets the tone.

Elena works hard to support her clients in providing whatever they need along the way, from helping to clarify their needs to bringing the deal to a close. And with so many variables involved in completing a transaction, Elena orchestrates all details meticulously to guarantee smooth sailing.

Buying and selling one’s home are also exciting and emotional experiences. Elena understands that in addition to diligence and hard work, a large dose of empathy and patience is required.

Prior to entering real estate, Elena managed high-level corporate meetings and events for Fortune 100 companies, where she traveled to such far-flung locations as Singapore and Dubai. Her business acumen, listening skills, diplomacy and negotiating savvy honed during this time are put to good use for her real estate clients.

Elena is a born and bred New Yorker. A graduate of SUNY at Stony Brook with a BA is Psychology, she currently resides on the Upper West Side. Aside from real estate, Elena enjoys travel, baking, painting and taking her puggle, Lola, for walks in the Central Park and Riverside Park.

Sold Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
501 West 143rd Street, #33 Coop 3 1 $385,000 04/2019
245 Bennett Avenue, #5H Coop 1 1 $445,000 09/2018
160 West End Avenue, #16B Coop Studio 1 $559,000 08/2018
2 TUDOR CITY PLACE, #6JOS Coop 2 2 $1,300,000 12/2017
314 East 41st Street, #205B Coop 2 1 $835,000 11/2017
263 W END AVE., #4G Apartment 2 2 $1,670,000 06/2017
334 West 87th Street, #1D Coop 1 1 $699,000 06/2017
215 West 92nd Street, #9H Coop 1 1 $850,000 10/2016
507 West 140th Street, #53 Coop 3 1 $349,000 01/2016
3585 Greystone Avenue, #E4A Condo 2 2 $549,000 08/2014
160 West End Avenue, #16B Coop Studio 1 $0 06/2014
120 Cabrini Boulevard, #119 Coop 2 2 $0 06/2014
185 West End Avenue, #26M Coop 1 1 $850,000 05/2014
215 West 92nd Street, #9A Coop 1 1 $695,000 09/2014
310 West 93rd Street, #7E Apartment Studio 1 $315,000 09/2014
15 West 72nd Street, #38G Coop 2 2 $1,950,000 09/2014
446 East 86th Street, #8E Apartment Studio 1 $290,000 09/2014

Rented Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
186 West 80th Street, #11B Condo 1 1 $3,500 07/2019
155 West 71st Street, #5E Condo 1 1 $4,000 07/2018
235 West 56th Street, #37G Apartment 1 1 $0 09/2014
March 2018 by Anne Wetzold
Elena was our selling agent for our co-op in Tudor City. She was recommended by a friend and we are very happy with our experience working with her. She has all of the good qualities a real estate agent should have – experienced, organized, energetic, knowledgeable, professional, kind, patient and honest. As a plus, she is a nice person and fun to work with. We were lucky to find her and will definitely call on her again if we move back into the area.

September 2017 by Carolyn Blackburn & Burt Grayman
With Elena Andersen’s professional skills, selling our Washington Heights 2 bedroom 2 bath co-op was a breeze. Because of her diligence and attention to detail, we were given a firm cash offer within three days at our asking price.

September 2017 by Marjorie Kagan
I was extremely fortunate to have had Elena Andersen as my real estate agent. In March of 2014 I decided to sell my one bedroom apartment in Manhattan in order to downsize to a studio. Elena took charge as soon as we discussed my priorities, explaining what the procedures would be for the sale of the apartment and for the purchase of a new one. She answered all of my questions and made many good suggestions to put my mind at ease. With Elena’s diligent work, everything went extremely well. Once the apartment went on the market, it sold within a week, and she handled the necessary documents of sale with the same efficiency, so that the closing was made before the end of May. Meanwhile, Elena was extremely helpful in assisting me in finding a suitable studio for which she negotiated a sale price agreeable to both parties involved. The entire sale and purchase of both apartments was completed so that I was able to move into my new apartment in the first week of June. I am a very happy client who was in the excellent hands of an agent who took the time and effort to make the right things happen.

September 2017 by Teresa Ciaccio
Looking to move back to New York City, I don’t think I was prepared for the stress of trying to find an apartment in a short period of time. Thank goodness for Elena! She helped me through the hectic process and diligently found property after property for my perusal until we found the exact right living space for me. I’ve been living there for two years now, and I can’t help but remember that it was through Elena’s hard work (and sunny personality!) that I came to be in the perfect home. She is an absolute catch, and would be able to guide anyone through the process of finding the right fit.

September 2017 by Stuart Bagedonow
“I had been looking on and off for an apartment for about a year with and with out an agent when a friend of mine suggested that I call a real estate agent that she knew, Elena Andersen. Elena was fun to work with, easy going, professional, down to earth and really on my side. She worked hard to resolve the issues that come with any sale and the ones that don’t. Please choose Elena Andersen as a real estate agent it will make the process so much easier.

March 2017 by Adam Cohen
I've worked with Elena twice, both as a buyer and as a seller, and both times I felt her work was excellent. As a buyer, she quickly picked up on what I was looking for in a home, and I trusted her to look at apartments without me there to give me the report on whether or not it was the right fit. We quickly found a great apartment, and as a first time buyer, Elena was very helpful in guiding me through the co-op process and paperwork.

As a seller, Elena arranged for our photographer, and guided me through cleaning up the space for viewers and photos. She set a realistic sale price, and didn't try to inflate our apartment beyond reasonable expectation, dragging out the sale.

Our experience has been very positive, and I highly recommend her as an agent.

February 2017 by Jane Pelley
Elena Andersen could tell you how I like my coffee! And thank goodness she's so easy to work with, because we spent many hours together. First, Elena helped my husband and me find an apartment in Midtown. Next, she helped our son find a condo in Chelsea.

I would recommend Elena highly. She listens to you, is organized, positive, and thorough. She is the ultimate professional and such a delight to be around. This comes in handy when you are looking at home after home -- and ordering a few coffees along the way!

The New York Times

Published 10/07/2018 - By Homes That Sold for Around $600,000


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