Elena Arzhanikova

Elena Arzhanikova

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Elena, Bond’s new Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Summa Cum Laude languages scholar with an MBA in finance from Fordham University, hails from Russia and is a remarkable piano player and former interpreter for the governor of the Russian state of Kranoyarsk. Her career has included extensive globetrotting (over 40 countries) and involvement in the promotion and development of her family-owned travel agency. She is a successful manager of her own real estate operation, savvy stock market investor, an animal lover who is a proud homeowner and human companion to one cat and one dog, and a contributor to several animal-related organizations. Her native language is Russian and she is fluent in English, French and is mastering Spanish.

Our new team member is a highly-motivated, successful real estate investor she has co-managed an assortment of business concerns involving retail stores, concession sales, travel agencies, import/export authorities, client prospecting, general marketing and excursion supervision. In that capacity she managed the inventory, selling and purchasing processes of a variety of operations.

The proficient musician (piano) served as Interpreter/Translator for Russia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and has a medley of experiences she brings to the agency including coordinating visits of foreign delegations in Siberia, interpreting French/Russian Consulate communications, organizing sports championships, conducting on-site interviews, and acting as Liaison for a host of professors, journalists and politicians. Her recreation and interests include travel, classical music, swimming, skiing, and skating.

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