Fida Malik

Fida Malik

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Fida Malik believes in “interaction before transaction.” Successful transactions start with honest relationships, he says, which is why communication and transparency are so important to him.

As a real estate agent, Fida is always obligated to upholding the “CC-LOAD” formula: Confidentiality, Care, Loyalty, Obedience, Accounting and Disclosure. Each morning, he wakes up ready to take on the world, and do great things for his clients. Fida is motivated when striving to meet your needs, yet equally kind, humble and responsive in his approach. His drive is backed by a strong sales record and reputation for delivering top-quality service.

Fida has honed his real estate expertise over the past 10 years. He is extremely knowledgeable, with a very keen eye for quality. His experience as a residential real estate agent allows him to evaluate pricing in clients’ home sales and purchases with a high degree of accuracy. In addition, his highly-developed negotiation skills, investment savvy, and background in construction/restoration and renovation enable him to work with investors, property managers, and a variety of other specialized projects.

This wide-ranging background has created an extensive client base through referrals from satisfied buyers and sellers, as well as fellow professionals in the real estate space. For Fida, the name of the game is not just meeting but exceeding client expectations, in order to build strong relationships and ensure total satisfaction.

Working with clients throughout New York City’s diverse neighborhoods, Fida loves helping people not only do more in their transactions but learn more as well. He facilitates client education through workshops and events, as well as connecting them with the mortgage lenders, attorneys, property appraisers, and other real estate service professionals they need in order to meet their goals.

A NYC native, Fida brings optimal professionalism, personal care, and concern to his work. By keeping his clients’ best interest at the forefront of his business, he makes their dreams achievable.

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