Gabrielle Benjamin

Gabrielle Benjamin

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Gabrielle was born in Portland, Maine and spent most of her early life in Orlando, Florida. Growing up in these two diverse locales has instilled in her an everlasting sense of the beauty and diversity of people, which ultimately lead her to living in New York City today.

Once she graduated high school in Orlando, Gabrielle began working her way north and enrolled at Pennsylvania State University. She studied Art History, Political Science and German. During this time, she was afforded the opportunity to live and study in Berlin, Germany for one year. While in Berlin, she was able to immerse herself yet again in a culture other than her own and learn more about the beauty of diversity and the value of travel. She also learned to speak fluent German during this time.

After returning to the U.S. and graduating from Penn State, Gabrielle relocated into New York City with the intention of studying law. With the desire to learn and a love for the diversity of people in tow, Gabrielle found real estate to be the natural next step in her life.

Gabrielle now works with the largest independently owned real estate brokerage firm in Manhattan. Her clients (apartment hunters, investors and landlords alike) love spending time with her because of her warm personality, professionalism and breadth of knowledge on various topics.

When she's not working, you can find her traveling, exploring the boroughs, trying new restaurants or at one of her favorite museums, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or The Frick Collection.

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