Ilya Kulichkin

Ilya Kulichkin

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Ilya Kulichkin has been living in New York City for decades. He appreciates helping people through major times in their lives, and real estate is full of these opportunities. Before starting in Real Estate, he was a Financial Analyst for Valuation Research Corporation, and this revealed his knack for numbers and recognizing the value of a property. He credits his customer service experience for teaching him to listen and address concerns. The vibrant culture of New York has given him the chance to meet a lot of people, and he enjoys real estate because it gives him the chance to create connections and networks. He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from VSTU and studied Financial Engineering at Baruch College. He has very high standards for responding to clients on the same day, so he’s the right agent for you if you need to close quickly. Ilya is very active in his spare time, regularly working out in a gym, hiking, biking, or snowboarding with friends.

June 2018 by Nancy Agababian
I feel lucky I met Ilya Kulichkin for my apartment search. I needed someone who was diligent in working on my search, kind and patient as we looked at places. He was on time for all our appointments which I really appreciated, and had a sound knowledge of the practical issues of competing for apartments in New York City. He worked especially hard on my behalf to ensure that I got the apartment I wanted in this highly competitive market. Thank you Ilya!

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