James Lake

James Lake

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

James is the fourth generation of a successful real estate family. He treats his buyers' real estate goals as if they were his own and heeds to their expressed financial and emotional needs. When representing exclusive properties, James maintains a clear sense of direction, pays close attention to every detail and assumes total dedication and commitment.

James has been working 24/7 close to 30 years which explains his comprehensive knowledge of the New York market. and of emerging trends.

Courteous and reliable, he responds quickly to all of his communications and provides timely feedback to owners. No detail escapes his attention, whether he is preparing a board package or preparing a marketing plan.

He is truly a professional and congenial person with unshakable and solid faith in people. He assists his clients achieve their goals and enjoys the process.

September 2019 by Wolfgang Linz
Very professional, competent. Honest and straightforward in his assessment. A person you can trust and rely upon.

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