Jay Siller

Jay Siller

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

A longstanding and well-respected member of the New York real estate community, Jay Siller is known for his hardworking, straight-talking and thorough manner, and dynamic but calm, determined style. He has always prided and concerned himself with getting a fair and equitable deal for all parties involved. Because of that, Jay has a large reservoir of happy and grateful clients, and many repeat clients who continually come to him as their needs change. He also enjoys referral business plus has long-term dealings with numerous domestic and international corporate relocation departments.

Jay has been consulted about the real estate market by many sources over the years and quoted in the Time Out real estate issues. He started in Real Estate over 30 years ago for a firm where he was involved with the Greenwich Village renaissance. Jay then joined another firm before taking a hiatus to work on request for international developers of commercial real estate conversions, commercial rentals, and building acquisitions. He moved on to various other brokerages.

During his tenure, Jay has handled many different types of real estate in a multiplicity of market conditions. He has worked out of offices throughout New York from the Upper East Side to Turtle Bay, Murray Hill, Greenwich Village, Midtown East and Gramercy Park, making him intimately knowledgeable of most of Manhattan. Originally from outside Woodstock, NY, Jay knew from a young age he'd one day head to New York City. After an expatriate experience living in Amsterdam, Holland in the early 70s he moved back to Woodstock for a short while then came to New York City. Jay first worked for a recording studio that specialized in Latin Music and ran a dubbing room for films such as the long-delayed Oscar- winning documentary, "When We Were Kings". He then entered the Fashion industry at an Italian clothing company in the nascent field of designer blue jeans.

Jay has traveled extensively throughout Asia over the last 20 years, and his trekking in the Himalayas has been chronicled in Robert Thurman and Tad Wise' "Circling the Sacred Mountain". He is long-time student of Eastern Philosophy and a great fan of Bob Dylan from the beginning in the early 60s, beat poetry, and the post-bop jazz of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy. Jay is also a veracious reader and lover of foreign films and serious theatre. He is an avid follower of the teachings of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and has always stood up against injustice and for compassion.

July 2019 by Helen and Sabeth Dalbo
Not having visited New York before, I was unsure of so many things: the surroundings, means of transportation, which way is North, South, East and West, how will we (daughter and myself) manage the task ahead of us? My daughter has been accepted to Fordham Univ., Manhattan Campus. This meant relocating her from Mich. to NY. Not an easy task when you haven''t an apartment, friends or relatives to help. As I surfed apartments for rent in NY, I came across several brokers who for various reasons (failed to return my calls, dishonest, too busy to help, etc) I preferred not using. Then one day, while in Mich., I was fortunate to to have been able to make contact with your agent, Jay Siller. Mr. Siller returned every one of my calls. He took time to answer all of my questions; he understood my concerns in finding an apartment for my daughter. The apartment had criteria: studio, laundry, close to transportation, grocery, etc., yet still be withing my budget. Mr. Siller suggested we fly in to NY, he would meet us and have several apartments for us to view. He assured me that our trip would not be wasted, that he would help us find an apartment. Well, that''s exactly what he did. We flew to NY, (Tues. 2 July) and within a few minutes of our meeting, both my daughter and I felt at peace, felt we were in good hands and that Mr. Siller was someone whose "word" meant something. As we walked to the apartments to view, Mr. Siller shared his knowledge about NY City, its history, suggestions of where to eat, things of interest near the apartments, in and about NYC, and so much more. Mr Siller was an encyclopedia of valuable information! Within a few hours, my daughter found the apartment she wanted and fell in love with it upon seeing it. Mr. Siller immediately went to work to get our paper work processed, as we had a strict time frame with no room to budge. The following day was Wed. 3 July. If our paperwork and the Landlord were not on board with us renting by Wed., then Thursday, 4 July would pose a problem as banks and most businesses would be closed. It would not be possible to get cashier checks to pay for rent, security deposit, etc. nor sign a lease agreement. On top of that, we were scheduled to fly back out to Mich on Friday, 5 July. Certainly too late to accomplish all our business. As I stated, Mr. Siller got busy with our paperwork, managed to put together all the pieces, and on Wednesday afternoon, the lease agreement was signed, cashier checks were distributed as needed and my daughter had her apartment. All that was left were a few details that were handled the following week. We returned to Mich as planned, packed up my daughter and returned to NYC the following Tues. 9 July to move her in. All this undertaking was completed within 7 days. An impossible task when you think about all the pieces having to be in the right place at the right time. Due to all his hard work, tireless effort and efficient use of the limited time available, Mr. Siller helped make our apartment search an easy, fun and safe reality. I hope to pass on Mr. Siller’s name to mom’s of future NYC students. Thank you Mr. Siller for all you have done, it’s a blessing and great pleasure to have met you.

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