John Jenis

John Jenis

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

John Jenis is a high energy, low pressure real estate professional who is dedicated to honest and ethical dealings with his buyers, sellers and renters.

John has a genuine excitement for the city, properties and people who live here. He looks at working with his clients as taking them on an adventure. He is ever mindful that they are making a very personal decision about their homes and he acts as a guide through the twists and turns of the decision making process.

His background in architecture helps inform his evaluation of real estate, and his marketing expertise is an invaluable resource. John’s work as an actor and in special events has given him broad experiences and the ability to work with a variety of people. He has a special quality that makes working with him a most interesting and pleasurable experience.

A graduate of New York Institute of Technology, John holds a B.S. degree in Architecture. He has over 30 years of training and working as an actor in New York City. He also teaches the “Eric Morris Process” with Anthony Vincent Bova at the Ionica Theater in Times Square.

John lives in Hamilton Heights with his family and a myriad of pets, and enjoys family trips to the beach and Disney World.

January 2017 by Eve Bernstein
John Jenis is an amazing person and agent. He is honest, knowledgeable, and patient. He knows the ins and outs of the NYC market and will take you step by step in buying a place in the competitive and stressful market of NYC.

John never pushed a property, and really listened to what we needed and could afford. We found an amazing property in Riverdale. He was very patient while we were looking for over a year. He works so hard finding listings, and is very organized when bringing over a folder to present them and go over them with us. He will always email you possible apartments.

He took us through step by step when we made the offer, and was amazing, acting as friend and sometimes therapist, during the demands of home buying in NY. He is extremely knowledgeable about pricing and gives you a very fair estimate of what something is worth. He is then wonderful at negotiating with the parties involved. He is HONEST!!!!

Before buying this property, there was another apartment which was double the price, and John, doing his research as he always does, suggested that it was not a good investment. It turned out not to be. I trust him implicitly, and he made what could have been a crazy experience, enjoyable! Also, he is wonderful about getting back to you any time you call. Work with him if you're wanting to buy an apartment in NY. Highly, highly recommended.

October 2016 by Micah Banner
Thank you, John, for finding us our perfect apartment! After an exhausting search, we came down to two apartments with different price tags. John strongly advised us to take the lower priced option, despite our eagerness to go with the higher priced apartment. John was sure we were getting a better deal with the lower-priced option and boy was he right! Two years later, our apartment was re-appraised 60% higher than our purchase price! We could not be happier! John''s advice was spot on, and he knew a gem when he saw one and guided us to an undervalued gem.

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