Karen St.Jean

Karen St.Jean

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Karen St. Jean’s relationship building and negotiating skills, coupled with her warm personality have rewarded her repeat customers throughout her career. She is a dedicated advocate for each, working tirelessly to educate them on every aspect of the market and represent their interests in each transaction, building their trust along the way. Karen’s customers appreciate her “can do” attitude which allows her to be creative to get the deal done. She thinks outside the box, ensuring she can overcome any obstacle she is presented with.

Before transitioning to real estate, Karen spent over 30 years as a sales manager with a focus on negotiating contracts with major fortune 500 corporations. In that time, she personally bought and sold properties for a profit. She currently owns her own co-op on the Upper East Side, a neighborhood she is heavily involved in with respect to neighborhood groups and extremely knowledgeable about.

Karen spends her free time immersed in everything the city has to offer. When she’s not decorating her own home or helping a friend redecorate theirs, she can be found taking yoga classes, spending time in Central Park, enjoy a wide variety of music or participating in one of the many community groups she is involved in.

Karen has a favorite quote: “We can’t change the direction of the wind but we can adjust our sails.” She believes that this aptly applies to real estate because everything is possible as long as you are working with the right real estate agent.

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