Kathleen Brimlow

Kathleen Brimlow

Residential Listings Manager

Kathleen Brimlow has built an esteemed reputation as a leader in the industry with over 30 years of experience in Listings Management and Landlord Relations.

She has developed excellent relationships with hundreds of landlords who trust and respect her, and is renowned in the New York City rental market by agents and colleagues.

A native New Yorker, Kathleen began her career as general manager of a landmark restaurant in the West Village in 1976. She first entered real estate as an on-site rental agent and in a six-week period rented 40 apartments. Kathleen graduated as a registered nurse in 1985, leaving the industry to manage the staff of a 50 bed hospital floor, and teach practicum courses for nursing assistants to receive their certification.

In 1988, she was recruited by a prominent Manhattan real estate firm as their Financial Manager and rejoined the industry. Kathleen was later named Chief Advisor thanks to her seasoned managerial, organizational and interpersonal skills. She quickly transitioned to head of Listings Management and Landlord Relations, expanding the firm’s landlord accounts from 300 to 5000.

In her 28 years with Manhattan’s then-leading rental brokerage, Kathleen was the driving force in developing an extensive in-house rental database which was adopted by other rental companies as the most user-friendly system in the industry. She also managed the web team and marketing department.

Kathleen’s success stems from loving her career and the landlords and agents she works with. She makes herself available to all who need her guidance and assistance. Her warm, engaging manner is not compromised by her results-driven, focused attention to detail. Kathleen has a vibrant work ethic that is often contagious. Throughout her career, she has acquired a broad base of Manhattan landlords who trust her implicitly to market their properties to rental agents and their clients. Her knowledge of the city and rental apartments is both enviable and highly valued.

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