Kayvan Gabbay

Kayvan Gabbay

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Kayvan has over ten years of experience working in the real estate industry as both a real estate agent and property manager dealing with everything from leasing vacant apartments to handling maintenance of apartment buildings to successfully juggling and resolving tenant issues. He recently made the transition to New York City and has first-hand experience of buying, selling and renting as well as handling the obstacles and stress that you experience with all of them. He is dedicated to his clients, actively listening to them to help them figure out their needs. He is their trusted consultant, providing his extensive knowledge, skills and experience to help them achieve the results they are looking for: educating them about the real estate market by providing expert advice based on factual evidence, and accurately sourced database listing information coupled with skill-based analysis of the information that his clients can digest in a clear, concise and easy to digest manner.

Kayvan specializes in the Upper East Side market where he works, lives and plays, focusing on apartment leasing, condos, and co-ops. Throughout his career, he has built a long-standing reputation for being extremely patient and maintaining a positive outlook on every experience while providing honest, straightforward information. With clients, and of course friends and family, he is known for his unfaltering kindness, unequivocal work ethic, and his unrivaled sense of humor putting people at ease.

Kayvan is constantly exploring the city, travelling to different neighborhoods from Midwood to Flatiron to Astoria and beyond looking to discover new things about each--a novel restaurant to try, a quaint park to walk or a fun gallery to explore.

Kayvan holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from UCLA and a degree in law.

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