Kevin Maher

Kevin Maher

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Kevin Maher is a tireless worker whose goal is to exceed his clients' expectations. With a big smile and firm handshake, he makes every buyer, seller, and renter he represents feel confident in his capabilities, professionalism, and well-preparedness that will help them achieve their goals.

Kevin is committed to learning a client's needs, previewing as many properties as possible, and doing all his homework upfront so he never wastes valuable time. "I put in the time to run around the city and see thousands of apartments so I can pick the right listings on demand, and streamline the entire process for my clients.”

As a result of his fine work, Kevin is continually praised, thanked, and rewarded with repeat and referral clients. He provides that special kind of service that not only empowers clients with knowledge, but makes them feel nurtured and well cared for every step of the way until the perfect home is found.

Kevin is a true leader, which was first evidenced in his role as the former Lacrosse Captain at Fordham University. He is originally from Westchester County, and served as a financial representative for New England Financial before turning his talents to real estate. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent a Manhattan apartment, Kevin will put his years of experience to work for you to fulfill your real estate needs, and ease you through the process in the most seamless manner.

Sold Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
74 Huron Street, #4R Condo 1 1 $850,000 10/2019
28-20 Astoria Boulevard, #301 Condo 1 1 $615,000 09/2019
114 West 70th Street, #6C Coop 1 1 $649,500 09/2019
736 West 186th Street, #6D Coop 3 2 $899,000 06/2019
480 Eastern Parkway, #4R Condo 3 2 $995,000 06/2019
137 East 36th Street, #21E Coop Studio 1 $519,000 06/2019
120 East 90th Street, #7G Apartment 1 1 $945,000 04/2019
1 HANSON PLACE, #10E Apartment Studio 1 $648,000 02/2019
241 East 76th Street, #8J Coop 1 1 $595,000 11/2018
225 East 36th Street, #3K Coop Studio 1 $430,000 07/2018
300 Albany Street, #7L Condo 1 1 $625,000 08/2017
11 East 36th Street, #701 Condo 2 1.5 $1,395,000 04/2016
118 e 116 Street, #4D Apartment 2 1 $675,000 02/2016
26 Gramercy Park South, #4G Coop 1 1 $585,000 06/2015
303 East 33rd Street, #6D Condo 1 1 $895,000 01/2014
399 East 72nd Street, #18G Coop Studio 1 $389,000 10/2013

Rented Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
519 East 87th Street, #1C Coop 1 1 $2,195 10/2019
474 2nd Street, #Garden Townhouse 1 1 $2,900 09/2019
44 Downing Street, #4D Coop 1 1 $2,550 09/2019
1437 Second Avenue, #2B Apartment 1 1 $2,495 08/2019
54 Noll Street, #245 Apartment Studio 1 $2,350 08/2019
331 Melrose Street, #245 Apartment Studio 1 $2,350 08/2019
252 East 61st Street, #N-03A Apartment Studio 1 $2,849 08/2019
401 East 34th Street, #22E Apartment 1 1 $3,892 08/2019
7 w 73 Street, #3A Apartment 1 1 $3,225 08/2019
243 East 32nd Street, #2 Townhouse 3 2.5 $9,800 06/2019
16 Dean Street, #2D Apartment 1 1 $2,100 03/2019
432 West 52nd Street, #2C Condo 1 1 $3,495 02/2019
303 East 37th Street, #6N Apartment 1 1 $3,150 08/2018
250 West 105th Street, #5D Apartment 1 1 $2,795 08/2018
432 West 52nd Street, #3D Condo 2 2 $4,999 07/2018
130 West 20th Street, #8B Condo 2 2 $8,750 07/2018
416 West 52nd Street, #710 Condo 1 1 $3,595 06/2018
49 East 34th Street, #12A Condop 2 2 $5,500 06/2018
303 East 37th Street, #2B Apartment Studio 1 $2,295 04/2018
1437 Second Avenue, #3A Apartment 1 1 $2,150 02/2018
303 East 37th Street, #5C Apartment 1 1 $3,150 11/2017
1437 Second Avenue, #1A Apartment 1 1 $2,195 10/2017
320 West 22nd Street, #B Apartment 1 1 $2,395 09/2017
309 East 85 Street, #2D Apartment 1 1 $2,375 08/2017
222 East 87 Street, #2A Apartment 2 1 $3,100 08/2017
1297 Lexington Avenue, #9 Apartment 3 2 $4,700 08/2017
346 East 87 Street, #4C Apartment 1 1 $2,275 08/2017
344 East 87th Street, #B Coop Studio 1 $1,750 08/2017
947 First Avenue, #14 Apartment Studio 1 $2,050 07/2017
1435 First Avenue, #3RS Apartment 1 1 $2,300 07/2017
148 West 68th Street, #3B Apartment 1 1 $2,475 11/2017
1661 York Avenue, #2L Apartment Studio 1 $1,995 11/2017
78 Bank Street, #16 Apartment 2 1 $4,395 11/2017
240 East 78 Street, #I Apartment 2 1.5 $3,500 11/2017
336 East 86 Street, #5H Apartment 1 1 $3,100 11/2017
336 East 86 Street, #3F Apartment Studio 1 $2,450 11/2017
1 Astor Place, #7D Apartment Studio 1 $3,150 09/2017
399 East 78 Street, #5B Apartment Studio 1 $2,200 08/2017
403 East 87 Street, #5A Apartment 1 1 $2,800 08/2017
403 East 87 Street, #5A Apartment 1 1 $2,800 08/2017
488 East 74th Street, #1A Apartment Studio 1 $1,600 06/2017
527 East 83rd Street, #2E Apartment 2 1 $2,700 06/2017
205 West 13th Street, #3B Apartment Studio 1 $2,575 06/2017
338 East 22nd Street, #3B Apartment Studio 1 $1,995 06/2017
309-311 East 37th Street, #3AW Apartment 1 1 $2,250 06/2017
148 West 68th Street, #2H Apartment Studio 1 $2,350 06/2017
520 West 48th Street, #7C Apartment 1 1 $2,900 06/2017
888 Eighth Avenue, #7W Apartment 1 1 $3,095 06/2017
425 West 57 Street, #4E Apartment 1 1 $2,650 06/2017
1685 First Avenue, #21 Apartment 2 1 $2,700 06/2017
1297 Lexington Avenue, #4 Apartment 3 2 $4,500 06/2017
October 2019 by Ruchi F.
Kevin Maher was great to work with- he was given less than a week to put together rental listings for us to visit and was incredibly patient with me. We probably walked over 20 miles across two days and I was able to find a place that checked off most of my wish list given the NYC constraints. He set up repeat appointments for my final two options and came with me when I signed the papers so was there for every step which was great!

September 2019 by John (Trey) Ward
Kevin was extremely helpful throughout the process of finding an apartment in Brooklyn. Always very timely in his responses, great rapport with other real estate agents, and he was very knowledgeable about neighborhoods and the city. I would definitely recommend Kevin and look forward to working with him in the future.

August 2019 by Mary Berkowitz
I just had the pleasure of working with Kevin Maher, again, after almost 5 years! I would refer him to anyone looking to rent or buy in NYC without hesitation! He quickly honed his search to exactly what and where we were looking for. He accommodated our schedule and empowered our negotiations! He really brought great value to the process... beyond an app or a website! Kevin has a terrific personality, great character, and is very professional... making the whole process flow nicely! I look forward to working with Kevin again in the future and wish him continued success!

August 2019 by Stephanie Shea
Kevin Maher was outstanding!!! Aside from being very professional , knowledgeable and very efficient, he was up front with us, setting realistic boundaries as to what and where to search based on our requirements. He capitalized on the very limited time we had to view and lock in on an apt. My most favorite aspect of Kevin was his pleasant disposition, attentive, listened carefully immediately acting and adjusting to our apt needs and concerns. Lastly, I am recommending him to my colleagues and friends. Thank you.

August 2019 by Amanda Casey
I worked with Kevin over the past two weeks in finding my first apartment in NYC. He has been exceptional to work with and has made the process "easy", which is not a word I''d typically use to describe the apartment search experience in New York. He is detailed, honest, efficient, and so knowledgeable about the New York market. He offered a comforting and direct approach which I very much appreciated. I highly recommend reaching out to him if you are looking for an apartment in the city - he is wonderful!

August 2019 by Gaetano Rossiello
I''m really satisfied with Kevin''s job. He is a great professional. He has an incredible knowledge of every aspect of real estate. He was able to answer each of my questions by giving effective suggestions. He understood immediately my preferences by providing a list of options which fitted with what I wanted. Moreover, he has been always available to phone calls also after the 2 days tour, even during the evening and the weekends! Finally, I found the right apartment which fits my budget and my desiderata. Honestly, I think that Kevin worked beyond his duties and this is should be highly recognized.

August 2019 by Seonjae Kim
Kevin Maher was a joy to work with! I knew very little about real estate when I began my search and he was patient, helpful and positive throughout the entire process. I had such a smooth time buying my first apartment thanks to Kevin''s thoroughness and organization and I would recommend working with him to anyone!

August 2019 by Jeffrey Wu
Kevin was available whenever I needed help. He made it over to condo showings with me even when they were quite a commute. He was thoughtful and helpful every step of the way, even post closing.

July 2019 by James Martter
Kevin was an absolute rockstar! My girlfriend and I could not have hoped for a more seamless or productive apartment search. We had scoured apartment websites and worked with an external agent but nothing compared to the options Kevin provided for us. Our apartment meets all the conditions we were looking for and was even below budget! Aside from the apartment itself, working with Kevin was wonderful. He was energetic, genuine, and highly communicative. Thanks for everything, Kevin!

July 2019 by Zareh Baghdassarian
I worked with Kevin to find my first solo apartment in New York and couldn''t be happier with the result. He was able to extract my key desires in a new home while respecting my budget -- showing me spaces that in all instances were better than I could have found on my own (and I tried). He turned my apartment hunting stress into optimism and, ultimately, got me into an apartment that met all of my desires and beyond. I recommend Kevin wholeheartedly, and know that he would be a great partner in your search for a new home.

July 2019 by Alicia Omans
Working with Kevin was such a pleasure! I felt so stressed by my move to NYC; my roommate wasn''t able to come to the city for the viewings, we didn''t start looking for apartments until 2 weeks before we wanted to move in, we were clueless about what neighborhood we wanted to live in, and it was torrentially pouring rain throughout my search. Despite all of this, Kevin was a calming presence who tirelessly continued to find us apartment options that were *gems* which surpassed our every expectation in practically every neighborhood in the city. Ultimately, we ended up finding a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom unit with an outdoor space and in-unit washer/dryer (unheard of in NYC!) within our budget. Thank you Kevin; you are amazing!

June 2019 by Marie Beane
Kevin was outstanding! He took care of coordinating and making a move from out of state to NYC as simple as humanly possible. He was extremely flexible in moving around appointment times and finding the right fit. Not to mention very knowledgeable in coordination of logistics and the neighborhoods. Thank you Kevin for all your help!

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