Lisa Shapir

Lisa Shapir

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

​As a veteran real estate agent since 2000 Lisa Shapir has a long history of successfully guiding clients through both sales and leasing transactions in the complex New York market. Lisa goes above and beyond to listen to and meet her clients’ needs and navigate around any obstacles. Forming relationships are also important to Lisa and as a result, she has many former clients that return to her for subsequent real estate transactions.

Lisa graduated from Yeshiva University with a Doctorate Degree in Psychology. Her psychology backgroun​​d and communication skills have been an advantage in working with people from all backgrounds and the most sophisticated, discerning clients.

Lisa is a founding member of a Manhattan Business Networking International group and a member of multiple professional groups including the Real Estate Board of New York.

Lisa is a native New Yorker who has studied abroad in London, England and loves to travel. She has traveled most of the United States and to more than 20 countries. But, despite all the wonderful places she has been, New York still ranks at the top of her list and is ‘home’.

May 2018 by David H.
I would highly recommend Lisa as a real estate broker to be engaged in connection with any sale or purchase of realty…She is highly personable and professional as well as exceedingly efficient in managing her deals. I engaged Lisa for the sale of a condominium apartment…She correctly priced the apartment, sold it in 48 hours and closed it within a few weeks. She assisted in retention of counsel and all other matters that led to a smooth and amicable closing. Having been both a general counsel of a significant NYSE company and a senior partner in major law firms in New York, I believe Lisa deserves every favorable consideration if you are retaining a broker with respect to your sale or purchase of realty.

May 2018 by Nicholas C.
Lisa Shapir was highly recommended by someone who has done business with her in the past. We had 9 apartments to rent in 3 different buildings, all at the same time. Lisa rented all the units in a timely fashion. This highly qualified agents demeanor was most courteous, pleasant and gracious. I had a truly gratifying encounter with her, as did my father and the rest of our staff.

May 2018 by Kelly Qu
In a real estate capital like New York City which never lacks hard-working agents, you’d think finding a great one upon whom you can trust and with whom you can communicate well would never be difficult, right? Wrong! Especially for a transplant, the task might be even harder. When I moved to NYC looking for a decent apartment to rent in Manhattan a couple years ago,I became aware of the fact that a sea of agents to choose from dose not mean an enjoyable time efficient and hassle free experience. Each agent has a different background and working style, but from a client’s perspective, no matter how big the firm he/she works at, how well he/she knows about the market and listings, or even how sophisticatedly he/she presents himself/herself, nothing can parallel the agent’s genuine willingness to learn about and take care of client’s each specific need, regardless how negligible the need may seem as. Then you’ve got Lisa! I’ve felt lucky enough to this date to have met and worked with Lisa since the time I was apartment hunting. Not only did she successfully and efficiently help me find a super amazing place, she also took care of all my needs during my stay with her most trusted professionalism, most delightful attitude, and even more, an almost instant response every single time! Beyond her being a fantastic agent, I’ve known her as a precious human being in general as time passes by. Her demeanor can make all your anxiety go away and have you retain your peace of mind. It helps to instill a confidence in yourself that you know you are in good hands. Nothing to worry about! If you are a house/apartment hunter in the Big Apple, I highly recommend Lisa for your searching process. If you are also a transplant, I’m sure Lisa would be your best choice, no doubt!

May 2018 by Paul Sidhu
I asked Lisa to be the exclusive broker for my family in our search for a new condominium in New York City. I called Lisa to inform her that I wished to see condominium residences since I was going to be in New York in the middle of November. After communicating the details of my wish list to Lisa, I left the due-diligence of home-searching completely up to her. Within one afternoon upon arriving in New York, I had found my dream residence thanks to Lisa. Needless to say, Lisa exceeded my expectations. My family and I searched for a condominium residence for three years and with two different brokers. For my family, Lisa accomplished in one day what other brokers could not fulfill in three years. She did this by honing in on the details of what was most important to me. Most brokers would have stopped in their tracks and mentioned that I was not going to get everything that I wanted - I know this from past experience, in which it happened to me on several occasions. Yet Lisa rose to the arduous task of finding everything on my wish list and succeeded. She also helped my family, coming from outside of New York define the areas that best suited our needs collectively. After one day of marching through the coldest day of the year we finally arrived at 75 Wall Street. Lisa showed us the apartment and we thoroughly enjoyed it. She hinted to us that even though we had more apartments to visit, we were going to choose 75 Wall Street because of our specific interests. Lisa was correct yet again as we visited 50 Franklin and my family and I unanimously agreed that we liked 75 Wall Street better. After a couple of days of negotiation we had signed into contract one of the apartments at 75 Wall Street. The ability to relate and find the specific details of a clients wish list is not only hard task, but to find it one afternoon is remarkable. In addition Lisa was readily available to communicate and always had a fast turnover, which is extremely important when offers are being made. Not only did Lisa offer her services as a broker, but she also made a number of useful recommendations for us to furnish our condo, which proved very helpful. Lastly, when I chose to rent my apartment in April, within one month, Lisa had found me an offer and I was able to rent my condo for the summer. Due to a culmination of these factors, Lisa provided us with excellent professional brokering services that allowed us to find our dream home. Her professional services were exceptional and I would strongly recommend her to other clients who wish to buy or rent in New York City.

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