Lucy Wu

Lucy Wu

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Oprah Winfrey

Lucy Wu is skilled at keeping her client’s focused and organized while navigating the increasingly complex New York real estate market. She is fast-acting and a fierce negotiator, helping her clients achieve their goals regardless of how challenging they may be. She is also incredibly personable and a great listener, putting her clients immediately at ease and making sure they are heard. 

Lucy has personally invested real estate through most of her adult life. She owns properties throughout New York City and recently ventured into real estate investments in Connecticut and Florida. She knows first-hand what goes into every aspect of a real estate transaction and her experience and expertise are invaluable assets to her clients. 

In addition to her personal real estate investments, Lucy built a successful twenty-plus year career in iconic luxury fashion lifestyle companies. Having worked for Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren, she managed luxury boutiques and was a director of sourcing and manufacturing. During that time, Lucy was known for her innovative and expeditious approach to problem-solving, her attentiveness, and transparent communication with her audience. 

Born in Shanghai, China, Lucy immigrated to New York when she was six years old. She grew up in downtown Brooklyn, went to NYU and currently lives in Midtown West with her husband, two kids, and a dog, the family fur baby. She loves to share her tips on navigating New York City’s neighborhoods sharing fun facts about them along the way. A self-proclaimed foodie and explorer, Lucy is constantly seeking out different types of cuisines and cultures through avid traveling.

February 2020 by Jon R.
Lucy Wu can perhaps best be described as the prototype for Wonder Woman. I have been delighted to know her for many years and can readily attest to her overall delightfulness, her determined drive to bring good things to people, her New York savvy, her amazing intelligence, competence, and stick-to-it-tive-ness to live up to every promise, and her total and unwavering dedication, honesty, empathic concern for others, and reliability. DO NOT HESITATE to call on her for your real estate needs, for when you do, she will take you on a magical ride that will most surely help you firm up your thinking and offer you just what you’ve been looking for, even if you didn’t know it! Her assessment of people and opportunities is profound, and it will benefit you immensely as you wade through what can often be a dizzy and anxiety-provoking endeavor. Lucy will light the path in a way that no other guide can.

February 2020 by Ashley A.
Moving to New York after living abroad for the past four years was incredibly daunting and stressful. Lucy Wu from Bond NY, really took the time to familiarize herself with my situation, and most importantly, CALMED ME DOWN. She reassured me that she and her partner Maurice would be able to find me an apartment within the week, and boy did they deliver. I now live in a lovely one bedroom apartment near Central Park, and I couldn''t have done it w/out them!

February 2020 by Keith T.
I''ve known Lucy for more than 8 years, and I know firsthand what a wonderful, tenacious, caring, hard-working person she is. A native New Yorker, she knows the city better than anyone, and you can rest assured she''ll go the extra mile to find you your perfect fit in a home. Lucy is the best!

January 2020 by Nate B.
Lucy was great to work with! She did a great job communicating with me throughout the apartment search process and I ultimately got a great place. Highly recommend!

January 2020 by Debbie I.
My daughter just moved to Manhattan from California and needed an apartment. As newbies to NYC we did not understand the housing market, neighborhoods and best locations for my daughter to live in and commute to work. Lucy Wu and Maurice Patterson at Bond New York are top notch professionals who found two great apartment choices in less than two days. They sat us down, got to know us and really listened to our requirements. They provided a wealth of information and advice on neighborhoods, transportation and available apartments. Lucy made visiting the apartments a fun and educational experience. Maurice is an expert on the application and approval process and is very well networked. Lucy and Maurice made our entire apartment hunting experience positive, fun and successful! We would definitely love to work with them again and recommend them to anyone who is in need of real estate support. They are awesome!

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