Maria Rabinovich

Maria Rabinovich

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Maria works with clients to rent, buy or sell their home. She is a close listener, taking every demand into account and working tirelessly to provide viable options. She is conscious of each client’s time and ensures that it is maximized in the most effective and efficient way possible. She is also a big-picture thinker, looking at her client’s overall goals and then determining a strategy in order to achieve them.

Maria is known for her flexible and creative spirit. She is not afraid to try different things if something doesn’t work. She is also known for her tenacity and doesn’t get discouraged, instead remaining focused on her client’s goal, no matter how challenging or how big the obstacles in front of it can be.

Before transitioning to real estate, Maria built a successful career over the span of twenty years as an attorney in the financial services sector where she mastered her negotiation skills and ability to work under pressure. She also learned what it meant to work under extremely high standards and sets her expectations high when it comes to delivering for her clients. She is the consummate professional, believing that no matter what the situation, you’re still a professional.

Maria currently lives on the Upper West Side and went to high school in the East Village and law school in Tribeca. As a longtime New York resident who has been through the process of renting and owning a home, she understands first hand how deeply personal the experience can be and how important it is to find not only an agent but a collaborator and trusted advisor. With each transaction, Maria puts herself in her client’s shoes.

Maria loves living in New York and having a home here that offers respite from the stress of the city while still being so close to the theaters, movies, museums and outdoors that she loves to frequent.

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