Mariana Bekerman

Mariana Bekerman

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Originally from the Ukraine, Mariana Bekerman came to New York in 1979 and has lived here ever since. She entered the world of Real Estate in 2009 and quickly became a top producer in her previous firm. With numerous sales and rental transactions under her belt, Mariana is a hybrid agent fueled by drive, dedication and a spitfire personality. She works exclusively with a handful of clients at any given time to ensure that each one receives her full attention. Passionate about her work and clients, Mariana treats each person with the utmost respect and importance. Guided by her extensive market knowledge, her own intuition, and a careful and steady assimilation of her clients' needs, she makes your New York real estate transaction both a pleasant experience and a convenient one.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, Mariana has built a strong reputation as being “breathlessly efficient” and one of the “most diligent brokers” in New York. Her customer satisfaction rate and performance are consistently high due to her meticulous, individualized approach to each client’s needs and her unwillingness to never give up no matter how challenging the process may be. Above all else, her clients, whether they are buyers, sellers or landlords, always come before her commission.

Fluent in English, Russian and Spanish, Mariana is a graduate of the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Music & Arts and the Performing Arts, and earned her BFA in 1996 from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. From 2000 to 2011, Mariana founded and ran a 10-member modern dance company, The Mariana Bekerman Dance Company. She understands today that her experiences as a dance artist and artistic director and as a New Yorker, only helped shape and prep her into the competitive world of Real Estate.

Easily and comfortably turning "No" into a "Yes", having Mariana on your team during your Real Estate transaction provides you with unparalleled advantages.

Sold Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
140-35 Burden Crescent, #301 Coop 2 1 $310,000 05/2019
163-32 15 DRIVE, # House 4 2 $775,000 01/2019
151-31 88TH ST., #3C Apartment 2 1.5 $225,000 02/2018
165 E 104th Street, #2A Apartment 1 1 $375,000 11/2017
370 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, #11C Coop 3 2 $1,155,000 11/2017
207 Prospect Park Southwest, #5D Condo 2 1 $775,000 11/2016
7 Meyer Ave, # House 4 2 $325,000 11/2016
136 Beach 117th Street, #213 Condo 2 1 $455,000 10/2016
201 Clinton Avenue, #12E Coop 1 1 $437,000 02/2016
89-35 155th Avenue, #4M Coop 1 1 $125,000 10/2015
345 Montgomery Street, #5B Coop 1 1 $378,000 08/2015
66-37 Yellowstone Boulevard, #6G Coop 1 1 $220,000 07/2015
563 Monroe Street, # Townhouse 5 3.5 $998,000 06/2015
76 De Sales Place, #n/a Apartment 8 4 $935,000 02/2015
150 West 87th Street, #8B Coop 2 2 $1,350,000 10/2014
4050 Nostrand Avenue, #PHG Condo 2 2 $492,500 10/2014
165 East 32nd Street, #10AB Apartment 3 3 $1,900,000 10/2014
435 e 86 Street, #4E Apartment 1 1 $560,000 09/2014
2790 broadway, #6B Apartment Studio 1 $229,000 09/2014
405 West 23rd Street, #2L Coop Studio 1 $530,000 08/2014
44-15 Purves Street, #12D Condo Studio 1 $460,800 02/2014
534 West 42nd Street, #PH Condo 2 2.5 $1,834,850 12/2013
185 W PARK AVE., #101 Apartment 1 1.5 $240,000 10/2013
140-35 Burden Crescent, #301 Coop 2 1 $205,000 02/2013
303 East 57th Street, #45D Coop 1 1.5 $455,000 12/2012
1912 Avenue H, #2C Condo 2 1 $175,000 11/2012
47-39 40th Street, #3B Coop 1 1 $255,500 10/2012
44-14 Newtown Road, #4T Coop 1 1 $260,000 08/2012
321 East 71st Street, #2F Apartment Studio 1 $212,000 06/2012
8 Louise Place, # House 3 2 $310,000 01/2012
225 Hawthorne Street, # Townhouse 6 3 $579,000 08/2011
89-35 155th Avenue, #4h Coop 1 1 $165,000 07/2019
129 North 3rd Street, #TH9 Condo 3 2 $2,400,000 02/2019

Rented Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
336 East 56th Street, #4 Apartment 1 1 $2,300 01/2019
10 PARK AVE., #9H Coop Studio 1 $2,850 09/2018
240 E 46TH ST., #4J Condo Studio 1 $2,100 06/2018
59-10 Norman Street, #2 Condo 4 2.5 $3,200 03/2016
350 West 42nd Street, #35B Apartment 2 2 $6,200 10/2015
101 West End Avenue, #17N Apartment 2 2 $6,500 08/2015
25-65 36th Street, #1R Apartment 1 1 $2,700 06/2015
1429 Third Avenue, #2 Apartment 1 1 $2,700 04/2015
229 East 25th Street, #LD Apartment 1 1 $1,750 12/2014
408 East 64th Street, #4D Apartment 1 1 $1,850 12/2014
115 East 89th Street, #2C Apartment 2 1 $3,995 10/2014
94-11 65th Road, #2A Building Building 1 $2,200 09/2014
175 E 2ND ST., #1B Apartment Studio 1 $2,100 06/2014
347 West 57th Street, #7C Apartment 2 1 $5,000 06/2014
317 West 29th Street, #3D Apartment Studio 1 $1,725 05/2014
336 East 15th Street, #2 Apartment 1 1 $4,920 05/2014
211 East 13th Street, #2C Condo Studio 1 $6,900 04/2014
413 East 85th Street, #2R Coop Studio 1 $2,650 01/2014
228 West 71st Street, #3C Apartment Studio 1 $2,500 01/2014
77 Delancey Street, #4B Apartment Studio 1 $2,900 11/2013
415 East 37th Street, #20B Apartment 1 1 $3,850 11/2013
217 West 19th Street, #PH Condo 3 2.5 $18,000 10/2013
150 West 51st Street, #1621 Apartment 1 1 $3,450 09/2013
340 East 58th Street, #5F Apartment 2 1 $3,800 08/2013
55 w 92 Street, #4J Apartment Studio 1 $2,650 08/2013
750 Columbus Avenue, #9N Apartment 1 1 $3,800 08/2013
245 East 63rd Street, #708 Apartment 1 1.5 $4,100 08/2013
348 East 65th Street, #11 Apartment 1 1 $1,885 05/2013
44 w 85 Street, #1B Apartment Studio 1 $2,350 03/2013
320 e 81 Street, #4 Apartment Studio 1 $1,700 03/2013
4 Park Avenue, #22D Apartment Studio 1 $2,400 02/2013
350 West 42nd Street, #23F Apartment 1 1 $3,850 01/2013
426 East 81st Street, #3B Apartment Studio 1 $1,775 01/2013
200 West 82nd Street, #3W Apartment Studio 1 $3,800 10/2012
251 CENTRAL PARK W, #10C Apartment 4 2.5 $13,000 09/2012
498 West End Avenue, #6B Condo 2 2 $5,500 08/2012
55 Morton Street, #2J Apartment Studio 1 $2,100 05/2012
135 East 54th Street, #15F Apartment Studio 1 $2,200 04/2012
406 E 83RD ST., #5A Apartment Studio 1 $1,600 04/2012
220 Water Street, #118 Apartment 1 1 $3,125 04/2012
560 West 43rd Street, #21F Apartment 1 1 $4,000 01/2012
80 Park Avenue, #14D Apartment Studio 1 $2,750 01/2012
301 West 19th Street, #6I Condo 1 1 $3,100 12/2011
330 West 56th Street, #6D Apartment Studio 1 $2,900 10/2011
190 bleecker Street, #7 Apartment 1 1 $2,150 08/2011
1515 Lexington Avenue, #5B Apartment 1 1 $1,640 07/2011
235 E 82 Street, #6C Apartment Studio 1 $2,350 06/2011
209 West 80th Street, #5B Apartment 2 1 $2,650 06/2011
200 East 94th Street, #3J Apartment Studio 1 $3,825 05/2011
209 West 80th Street, #3D Apartment Studio 1 $1,795 04/2011
343 Grand Street, #2nd Floor Apartment Studio 1 $2,350 03/2011
403 East 87 Street, #2C Coop Studio 1 $2,050 02/2011
818 Tenth Avenue, #3C Apartment 2 1 $2,400 02/2011
818 Tenth Avenue, #4C Apartment 2 1 $2,100 02/2011
485 Central Park West, #7K Apartment Studio 1 $1,400 01/2011
789 Ninth Avenue, #3A Apartment Studio 1 $2,575 12/2010
84 North 9th Street, #N/A Apartment Studio 1 $2,800 12/2010
350 West 42nd Street, #15K Apartment 1 1 $3,500 11/2010
1510 York Avenue, #5A Apartment 3 1 $4,255 09/2010
325 5TH Avenue, #18A Apartment 2 2 $5,600 08/2010
226 E 14TH ST., #M Apartment Studio 1 $1,450 08/2010
336 East 56th Street, #4 Apartment 1 1 $2,300 12/2018
April 2019 by Ghazala Kohkan | Dr. Kohkan Shamsi
We are writing to express our pleasure with the real estate agent Mariana Bekerman of Coldwell Banker Bellmarc group, who represented us in our recent purchase of a co-op apartment in New York City.

Mariana guide us through the entire process which was totally new for us right from the pre qualification to searching for apartments making offers at the right time and closing the deal. She is always available we have e-mailed and texted her at 11pm and got an immediate response even though it was late. We are very grateful to her for all the help and patience to find us our dream apartment. The best part about working with Mariana is she understood immediately after seeing a few apartments with me as to what we really liked she did not waste time. As we bought a co-op the paperwork was immense and she helped us at every step, coordinated with our bank and attorney and kept them updated of every little thing. She understood our frustrations and kept us calm through the long process in the end it was worth it.

This is our second purchase of property had a pleasurable experience, Mariana is savvy knows the market inside out and extremely committed and hard working never gives up. We could not have found our dream apartment without her.

We would recommend Mariana Bekerman and her expertise to everyone who is interested in buying or renting in the city.


April 2019 by Seth Weiner
My wife and I had worked with a number of brokers when we first moved to the city to rent, and then others when we started our search to purchase a home. Out of all of these people Mariana was the best. She is professional, patient, responsive, thoughtful and keeps her calm in the midst of turbulence. We are now living in a home we love and owe a great deal of that to Mariana and her team

April 2019 by Rebecca
My experience with Mariana Bekerman was phenomenal in every aspect of the process of looking , finding and closing on a studio apartment in Manhatten. Of course, Mariana provided the expertise needed to find a home; beyond this, however, she was available to guide me through all the unexpected hurdles that arise in today''s real estate market. From stellar advice on location and neighborhood,price and negotiations, to in depth insights on the importance of the small details, to the finishing issues that arise at closing, she proved to be an agent and an advocate with professionalism, expertise, and priceless tactical and strategic thinking. On top of this top-notch service, It was a painless experience due to her approach My sincere gratitude and respect to you, Mariana

April 2019 by Florent Canepa
Working with Mariana was fantastic. Usually finding and buying an apartment can be a long and tiring process. But with Mariana, everything was so smooth. First, she gives you an accurate idea of the market, which means she''s showing you what is available and immediately understands your taste and what you are looking for. For showings, she is always on time and checks everything with you as if she were to own the place. Always smiling, energetic and most of all "no bullshit" kind of person. She will never force you to do something or oversell a specific apartment. She just wants the right place for you because she is a people person. She''s also an awesome negotiator which means you can count on her to do the talk with everyone (agents, coops etc.). Finally her network is great : whatever you need (lawyer, movers etc.) she will provide. And the best thing is her network is as reliable as she is.
Mariana is the kind of agent you want to keep all the way, whatever your needs regarding real estate. She is a keeper !

April 2019 by Alexa Wilansky
Mariana was the sweetest and most personable broker. She really cared about what I was looking for, and I wasn''t just another client of hers. We developed a bond beyond work. I''ll be using her in the future for sure and will certainly be staying in touch.

April 2019 by Emily Hache
Working with Mariana was great! She really listened to what my needs were and was respectful of my price range, location preferences, and desire for not living above a restaurant/bar/grocery store. Lastly, she was very proactive, responded to my e-mails and calls quickly, and helped me prepare my application, which was very quickly approved with her guidance.

Thanks Mariana!

April 2019 by Claude Simon
Mariana Bekerman not only acted as broker in a recent purchase that I made, but she proved invaluable in securing the right property for me. She is one of the most diligent brokers that I have encountered through the years. No stone was left unturned in the search and no issue passed without her follow-up to conclusion.
Mariana combines her own intuition with a careful and steady assimilation of her clients’ needs. As she progresses in the search , the array of properties shifts closer and closer towards your needs. The decision to buy is finally a simple one.
All this is done with breathless efficiency, perfect timing, consideration and a friendly attitude.
Thank you Mariana. I couldn’t be more pleased!

April 2019 by Gautam
Mariana is wonderful to work with. Her personality was always upbeat and positive throughout our journey to search our second home in NYC. Her extensive knowledge of NYC real estate and follow up skills provided my wife and I relief during some stressful moments as we searched for that perfect condo. She is a great negotiator and does not push you to make a decision. She maintained a speedy responsiveness and we would recommend her to anyone looking in NYC in boroughs. Thank you Mariana!

April 2019 by Andre Markarian
My husband and I moved from San Francisco to New York. We were given Darla''s contact information at Coldwell Bank by one of my husband''s co-workers, but we ended up working with Mariana and Tasha. They were both GREAT and both found great options for us to choose from. Tasha focused more on the Washington Heights / Inwood area, and showed us some newly renovated, beautiful, very affordable two bedroom apartments. We were ready to set on two of them, but decided to go with the one that Mariana showed us in the Upper East Side. It''s nice to work with two different brokers who focus on separate areas of the city.

Tasha and Mariana really know what they are doing and are also a great pleasure to work with. They are nice, funny, friendly while very professional.

April 2019 by Susan Somerville
Mariana Bekerman was just wonderful to work with. In a matter of two and a half hours we saw 9 apartments. The variety of the properties was amazing. She set up all of these appointments with very little notice. I told her I felt like we were on an HG TV show. I decided on an apartment that afternoon. She continued to facilitate every step until I moved in, and has checked in to see how everything is. Mariana is professional, knowledgeable, and a delightful person to work with. I recommend her without reservation.

April 2019 by Raluca Anghel, DVM
"Mariana is the most dedicated and professional agent i met. I had
the pleasure of working with her this past year, when she helped me buy
my first home. The task wasn''t easy as a new graduate, but where other
agents gave up, Mariana didn''t. She saw my case as a challenge and
conquered it it the most professional way. She is courteous, a hard
worker (nights, weekends, holidays, and during her own vacation), very
knowledgeable in her field and most importantly she keeps her word.
Thank you!

April 2019 by Cynthia and Christopher
We used Mariana twice this year to help us find an apartment. The first time was when we needed a summer sublet. After listening carefully to our original ideas of our needs and budget, Mariana showed us a large array of properties, and we were delighted with the beautiful property we chose. At the end of the summer we decided to rent another apartment, and Mariana again scoured the market on our behalf. She was willing to stay up late at night to review listings that met our criteria. She was the best at suggesting properties that we should consider, and arranged for us viewings of apartments that we identified. Mariana then guided us around the city to show us a large number of apartments that fit our budget (okay, so the budget expanded!) and our needs. We are now living in a beautiful, spacious, and imaginatively designed apartment we love, thanks to Mariana."

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