Mark Benson

Mark Benson

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

As a life long New Yorker I understand when buyers tell me "I'm looking for a deal". I get it and I have the work ethic (which I gained while in the US Navy)
the determination and the energy to search out just the right property at just the right price for my customers.

Finding a new home to buy or rent is not supposed to be a chore, rather, it should be fun and exciting. My positive outlook on life will certainly help to keep the frustration level at a minimum.
Before you begin your search please reach out to me, Mark Benson, your consummate real estate professional.

November 2014 by Macey Hall
I worked with Mark to rent a studio apartment, and it was a wonderful experience. He really took the time to listen to exactly what I wanted in an apartment, and worked hard to find places that fit my criteria. He went out of his way to make sure the places he was showing me were exactly what I wanted, and offered an unbiased opinion of the pros and cons of all apartments. Mark really took those extra steps as a broker, and it was a pleasure working with him.

June 2014 by Patrick David
Mark Benson was a great broker, easy to work with. He stayed on top of the management and ensured that I had a fair shot at getting the apartment. Consistent, and hard working are the two words that best defines Mark.

March 2014 by Andrew Tedeschi
Mark Benson and the team made the process very easy.

After a day of apartment searching, we sat together in the office has he helped me put together the documents I would need for the application and went over the next steps in the lease process.

February 2014 by Stephanie McKissick
Mark Benson found us a great apartment within our price range in an almost impossible situation. We love our new place and the fact that they allowed us to keep our dog!

February 2014 by Sean Michael McKenney
My move to NYC was fast and furious, I had under a week to find a new home and I was wondering how I was going to achieve this. The only way I knew how was to get a broker and hit the streets. I knew nothing about brokers, except the horror stories you read or here, but I had no choice. I went to Bond and meet with an agent who talked to me for a good half hour on how the process worked and what they could do. I was planning on moving in April, but my timeframe was pushed up to January. I meet my brokers Steffen Kral and Mark Benson on a very cold January day and started the process. These guys ROCK!! After telling them what I was looking for and where they found some great apartments. The both listened to what I was saying and guiding along the way and worked with-in my budget. They are both very professional and friendly. Steffen and I walked all over NYC looking for my home and he is such a great guy. We looked all over the place from East Village to Harlem and Steffen knew each area, what trains I could take to work, where to shop and do my laundry. You spend a lot of time with your broker and you can either enjoy the time and make conversation and get to know each other or you can keep to yourself and not talk. I enjoy meeting new people and Steffen was very personable and friendly.
Finding an apartment is not an easy task, even with a broker, and I did get a little frustrated because we where not finding what I wanted. I decided to spend the night looking at postings and saving the ones I thought looked good. I emailed them to Steffen and Mark that night and meet them the next morning. Mark wanted to know what I thought of the listing we saw the day before. After listening to me Mark did some searching and found couple of places for me and then we talked about the ones I sent. Mark is also very friendly and he knows a lot - areas, landlords, different buildings, brokers, etc and knew which properties to look out in order for me get approved - I just started a job, new to nyc etc...landlords can be fickle..and Mark knew I didn''t have a lot of time, and he didn''t waste any of my time in the apartment we looked out.
On day 2 we found my apartment that meet 90% of my criteria. Its in a great neighborhood and I couldn''t be happier.
Mark and Steffen made the entire process fast and painless. I am not sure why brokers have a bad rap, maybe there are some bad ones out there, but one has to do their research and understand the process. If you don''t understand ask questions. I never thought I was being taken advantage of or having my time wasted. I was up front and direct and asked a lot of questions and Mark and Steffen answered the questions and where up front with me.
If you need an apartment go to Bond. Ask for Steffen and Mark.

February 2014 by Bruce Bannion
I talked with Mark Benson about finding an apartment after seeing his listings on his web page and was on the phone with him for at least 20 min going over my situation being as I just arrived from the UK and he assured me he can assist me with finding the right place. We met later in the Week after work and he gave me a thorough understanding of the process we would be going through I went out with his partner Frank at lunch time and was very happy with him being punctual since i only had a 1 hour lunch. we saw 4 apartments uptown all were up to standards but thought it may still be to far from work. We made plans to meet the next day to see Murray Hill. The first apartment was a home run. Frank called Mark and got the ball rolling. lacking NY credentials the landlord wanted me to put up almost 6 months of money witch was quite prohibitive i gave my concerns to Mark and he assured me he would try to get a better deal for me. Next morning he called me to say he got me first month and 1 deposit plus a free month to boot plus got me a discount on the fee. After speaking to fellow colleagues and they also were in shock as to the deal I got through Mark. Next day we signed leases.
I have to say after hearing all the stories about how bad NYC real estate Agents can be i was 100% surprised and happy with the service i received from Mark Benson,Frank DeCarlo and Bond New York in General.

December 2013 by Loree Stuck
Bond was extremely helpful at finding me an apartment after multiple failed tries at other broker companies. Not only did they find me an apartment in such a quick time they provided the most convenient payment options with accordance to the landlord.


Published 05/01/2018 - By Live incognito in an East Village building once home to famously convicted Soviet spies

DNAinfo New York

Published 10/11/2013 - By Open House Agenda: Three Apartments to See This Weekend

Open House Agenda: Three Apartments to See This Weekend

By Donna M. Airoldi on October 11, 2013 7:35am | Updated on October 11, 2013 7:35am



MANHATTAN — Finding a “deal” in this tight market is tough, with most properties priced higher than their neighborhood’s price-per-square-foot average. So, this week’s Open House Insider undertook the difficult task of finding three listings priced below their neighborhoods’ averages. Whether the square footage on apartment listings is accurate, however, is a subject of debate, according to a recent Open House Insider column.

460 E. 79th St., Apt. 11F, Upper East Side, Manhattan
2 bedrooms/1 bath
800 square feet
Common Charges: $844/month
Real Estate Taxes: $619/month
Open House: Sunday, Oct. 13, 1-2:30 p.m.

Lowdown: This post-war condo just west of York Avenue recently returned to the market with a $26,000 price drop.

“We had a buyer at the original price, but the deal fell through,” Anisa Saroop, of Corcoran Group, said when asked about the discount.

“The sellers have a 1-year-old, just had baby No. 2, and they’ve moved to Manhasset,” she offered. “They’re no longer in the apartment, so now they really need to sell.”

The converted second bedroom was created by carving out a small space, at just 88 square feet. But the living room is more than 250 square feet, according to the floor plan.

The owners recently installed new hardwood floors, and renovated the kitchen and bathroom about four years ago, Saroop said. The unit comes with a full-sized washer and dryer.

It’s priced at $1,123.75 per square foot, compared to StreetEasy’s average of $2,077 for the neighborhood.

Parking spaces start between $350 and $500, depending on the type of car, Saroop added.

Location:  Carl Schurz Park and the East River Promenade are six blocks away. Even closer is John Jay Park, at 78th Street. “There’s an [outdoor] Olympic-sized pool there that’s lovely,” Saroop said.

Until the new Second Avenue subway line opens — currently scheduled for 2016 — the closest station is the 6 train at 77th Street and Lexington, which is a bit of a hike. There's a crosstown bus stop across the street and an express bus to Wall Street on the block that takes about 15 minutes and runs every 30 minutes starting at 6 a.m., Saroop said.

Why put it on the open house calendar? Not only is the price below average, but the common charges are too, since “there aren’t a lot of extra frilly amenities,” Saroop said.

“This unit is priced to sell,” she added. “If you’re a savvy buyer, you know what’s out there and what things are trading for.”


311 Van Buren St., Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
7 Bedrooms/4 Baths
Multi-family House
3,060 square feet
Real Estate Taxes: $126/month
Open House: Sunday, Oct. 13, 1:30-3 p.m.

Lowdown: The building, in its current configuration of four floor-through apartments, is ideal for buyers looking for rental income to help cover the mortgage.

The third-floor tenant is in place until June 2014, paying $1,400 per month for a two-bedroom space. The three other units will be vacated when the building sells.

The brownstone was built sometime between 1899 and 1910, said Louis Belisario, of Fillmore Real Estate. “The current owners bought it in 2007 and renovated it in 2008. The water heater, boiler and roof were redone in 2009.”

Most of the building’s original details, such as crown moldings, have been stripped, “but they’re easy enough to find and add back in,” Belisario said. “And the new owner could hire an architect and combine them into two duplex units, or combine three and keep one as a rental."

The units are typical of long, narrow railroad apartments, with the rooms opening one into the other. The bedroom in the first-floor apartment is about 200 square feet and large enough for a king-sized bed. The bedrooms in the other units are smaller, ranging from 82 to 111 square feet.

There’s also a sizeable backyard with trees.

Its listing price puts it at $293.79 per square foot, compared to the $361 average for the neighborhood, per StreetEasy.

Location: The building is between Lewis and Stuyvesant avenues. On the corner at Stuyvesant Avenue is JHS 57/HS 26, which has the Jesse Owens Playground. The Eleanor Roosevelt Playground is two blocks away. The closest train is the elevated J at Kosciuszko Street, about a 10-minute walk. There are buses on Lafayette and DeKalb avenues.

costume shop is relocating from Bushwick to DeKalb Avenue at Tompkins, about six blocks away. Popular spots like Therapy Wine Bar, the Little Red Boutique and Saraghina (known for its pizza) are near Lewis Avenue toward the A and C Utica Avenue station at Fulton Street, which is one mile south.

Why put it on the open house calendar? It’s an opportunity to jump into a still-affordable area of a gentrifying neighborhood.

“The prices I’m seeing elsewhere in the neighborhood are insanely inflated,” said Belisario, whose family founded Fillmore in Fort Greene in 1966 and has been selling in Bed-Stuy since the 1970s.

“That’s not to say some properties don’t warrant it,” he said. “But it usually takes a decade to double the value of a place, not two years. This is a good place for someone to live and earn. Even if they put in $100,000 of renovations, they’re still getting a brownstone for under $1 million.”


15 Broad St., Apt. 1124, Financial District, Manhattan
1 Bedroom/1 Bath
1,509 square feet
$1.4 million
Common Charges: $1,427/month
Real Estate Taxes: $468/month
Open House: Sunday, Oct. 13, noon to 2 p.m.

Lowdown: It’s all about the ability to create your own space with this apartment in “Downtown by Philippe Starck,” a 1928 Art Deco building that once housed J.P. Morgan Bank and was converted to luxury loft condos in 2007.

The unit is essentially a long rectangle that new owners can redesign to their liking.

“The owner is motivated to sell,” said Arzygul “Julia” Benson, of Bond New York, adding that the unit hit the market on Sept. 26. “It’s had just one owner and is in tip-top condition. It has all the original designs from Starck.”

The apartment is listed at 1,509 square feet, putting it at $927.75 per square foot, versus the area’s average of $1,282, according to StreetEasy. Based on a floor plan provided to DNAinfo, it seems the apartment might only have 1,225 square feet — but even then, it works out to be a relative deal.

Though the apartment faces south, Benson said it “is not super bright, but it gets enough daylight.”

She added: “What’s good is that the space is large and open, so you can build an extra bedroom or separate the living room.”

The luxe building comes with plenty of amenities, including an indoor lap pool, squash court and bowling alley. Dance and yoga classes are available to residents at a discount of $10 per class, Benson said.

The landscaped rooftop has “views of the New York Stock Exchange that are so close you feel as if you could reach out and touch it,” she said.

Location: The building, across from NYSE and near Bowling Green, has eight subway lines steps away. Hermès is in the building, and other luxury retailers, such as Thomas Pink and Tiffany’s, line Wall Street, which is around the corner. Several new restaurants and services have opened within a block or two of the building the past few years, including Duane Reade, Pret A Manger, Crumbs Bake Shop and Starbucks. The Australian-style Bluestone Lane Coffee opened down the block in early October, and Reserve Cut, a 300-seat kosher steakhouse, opens across the street on Oct. 15.

Why put it on the open house calendar? The unit should appeal to anyone looking for a large open space they can customize.

"We’ve found a lot of buyers like open space," Benson said, "and building walls is pretty cheap.”

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