Mark Neuwirth

Mark Neuwirth

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Since 2001 Mark has been helping clients achieve their goals. A long career on Wall Street has afforded him a unique perspective computer technology's place in real estate. An extensive base of contacts gives him a range of marketing opportunities few other agents have access to. "I view being a real estate agent as both a privilege and responsibility. This is an extremely high pressure business that offers rewards far beyond money: the satisfaction of a job well done."

Rented Listings

Address Type Beds Baths Price Date
767 Franklin Avenue, #2LL Apartment 2 1 $2,250 07/2017
July 2016 by Denis Arvay
"It was a very profitable pleasure working with you on my sale.

Your professionalism and inventiveness are things I''ll remember with pleasure. Among the things I''ll treasure is that picture of my virtual decor -- something that produced very tangible results.

Debby, I very much appreciate all the insight, experience and inventiveness you brought to the project -- starting with the room re-definition and extending to multiple details and valued connections you made. Right until the end, I got help finding a Citibank to ingest the checks (went very smoothly).

Mark, I''ll never know how you managed to be right there when I arrived, but if you''ve discovered teleportation -- you''re entitled to keep it secret. The rest of us would misuse it, for sure.

You''re both class acts.

You''ve thoroughly spoiled me and if/when I get another place in the City -- you''ll be hearing from me."

April 2016 by Elaine R. Jones
Debby & Mark have been a partner in every sense: locating painters, finding handymen, looking for carpet vendors and anything else needed to get the apartment ready to sell.
Thank you for going the extra mile with grace and determination and never a complaint.
I will always be grateful.


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Published 05/24/2016 - By Why trying to time the market is a waste of time (and can actually backfire).

Brick Underground - Why trying to time the market is a waste of time (and can actually backfire). - May 24, 2016

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