Nadine Hartstein

Nadine Hartstein

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Nadine hails from Greenwich Village in Manhattan and is a veteran New Yorker specializing in all areas of the Tri-State region. Born in Israel and raised in Africa and Sri-Lanka, Nadine has traveled down many roads and has compassion for those less fortunate. Her teenage years were spent studying drama at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute while traveling the globe with her family. Nadine's father was an agricultural/technical adviser and economist for the United Nations in regards to Third World. Hence all the traveling.

Later as a graduate of The United Nations International School Nadine continued her drama studies at Fordham University and began to pursue a busy career in acting. Studying psychology as well as drama lent itself to portraying many different roles and characters.

Having spent time abroad in Europe and the Middle East Nadine has a few languages under her belt. She is fluent in Hebrew, French and English and has a heightened sense of all Romance languages. She is the product of an international upbringing and is grateful for the experience.

Nadine's acute social skills later led her in the direction of real estate. Understanding buyers and sellers and acknowledging their needs resulted in the finely tuned ability to match people up with their respective properties. Skilled in the art of negotiation Nadine is an asset to both sellers and buyers. She resides in the East Village with her husband and twins.

June 2016 by Randy Meza
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Nadine Hartstein from Bond Real Estate. The whole apartment hunting process was incredibly easier than anticipated and it was all because of her and her partner, Moran. They helped us get the perfect apartment for us in just a weekend and got us approved in a day. They were both very patient, accommodating, and knew exactly what we were looking for. It was incredible and we feel like a weight has been lifted, and now we can enjoy the rest of our transition into the city in peace. We will definitely use BOND again in the future. Thank you so much!

May 2016 by Sharon Weil
I can not thank Nadine enough!!! She worked so hard for me and my family to make sure we had the ideal apartment that worked well for our family. My children did not even see the apartment , but from the pictures she took they were sold!!! Friday the 13th is now our lucky day!!!! I can not thank everyone enough for all of their hard work in making this happen!!!

March 2016 by Brittany Sanfilippo
Nadine and Moran were both amazing and dedicated to helping my boyfriend and I find the perfect apartment. They were both very accommodating and sincere. They stuck with us during the at times hectic application process and were both hospitable and kind and now we have the perfect apartment for us thanks to them!

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