Patricia Dillon

Patricia Dillon

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Patricia Dillon comes from a successful career in the technology and financial industry where her job was to help people turn their business dream into a reality. Having mastered these skills, she has now turned her attention to the real estate industry to do the same for her clients, fueled by the fundamental belief that “there should be a home for all of us.”

Her business acumen gives her the ability to realistically evaluate the financial side of a deal and help her clients see these components from an objective perspective. Her years working all over the world and across the U.S. has built her communication and relationship skills that make her an important asset when it comes to negotiating.

Having lived in New York City for the past 12 years, Patricia cannot imagine living anywhere else. When she is not assisting her clients, Patricia does triathlons and pursues her interests in art and fashion.

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