Patrick Greenlee

Patrick Greenlee

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

In today's tight market place, both out-of-towners and seasoned New Yorkers need a trusted ally and guide in navigating the complexities of a real estate transaction in Manhattan. Since joining BOND New York, Patrick Greenlee has garnered a reputation of utmost professional respect among house hunters who are native to the city and prided himself in providing the warmest New York welcome to all his rental and sales clients. As a life long international traveler, growing up in a US diplomatic family originally from New York, he brings all the wisdom of his global travel experience to put himself in his customer's shoes and help them with the challenges and excitement that comes with finding a new place to call home.

For Patrick, working in real estate has also served as both inspiration and context for an aspiring literary career. After finishing college and working in several roles in sales and as a clerk in the legal field in both Boston and Washington, DC, he had the opportunity to pursue his passion for writing about culture and history while traveling through Europe and working for the U.S. Commercial Foreign Service.

After a nine year stint across the pond living in Paris and Madrid, his interest in real estate was sparked when buying his first family home and profiting during a highly volatile market. Coming back to New York City to obtain a graduate MFA degree in Art Criticism and Writing, upon graduation, he suddenly found himself working at one of the fastest growing tech start-ups in the country. With bonafied credentials of being the leading sales representative for over 5 years at his company, he was promoted to open the London office and take on the launch strategy for their new enterprise product. Patrick partnered with his UK counterparts to arrange the commercial real estate transactions for the new company office that would become the hub for all its multi-national offices across Europe as it went into IPO on the NY Stock Exchange in 2011.

"By the time I finally decided to embark in NYC real estate full time in 2015, I had already been living in Manhattan for ten years. In business, I had worked for 8 years at a high tech company as well as in the fine art world being the Director of Sales for a company specializing in online auctions and gained a vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape. But my decision to pursue a career in reality really came from an intrinsic love for continuous learning about the singular architecture and urban spaces where so many ambitious New Yorkers come to chase their passion. Once it becomes an acquired taste, you could never have the same inspirational and fun time anywhere else. You come to appreciate all the noises and deep texture of the city living alongside people from all walks of life."

Whether it's about buying your first home, picking the right schools, renting the best deal, or selling your investment, Patrick enjoys working as a trusted advisor to first-time clients as well as experienced entrepreneurs in the NY real estate market. He is currently seeking publication for his second book and specializes in downtown properties when it comes to sales, with intimate knowledge of the streets surrounding his favorite neighborhood eateries, museums, jazz venues, comedy clubs, cobblestone walking paths & cycling routes.

"Ultimately, my strategy is to be a good listener. Above all, if my advice and dedication is worth anything at all, it is to be able to match my customers to their desired goal - whether it is financial, aesthetic, or simply practical - by helping them to recognize the living space that offers the best environment for pursuing their vision with their backdrop as the city." It's clear to all who work with him; Patrick is uniquely in tune with the cosmopolitan lifestyle and tastes of his clients from all over the USA and the world who choose to make the Big Apple their home.

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