Reginald Evans

Reginald Evans

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

I’m a Creole from New Orleans. I never imagined I'd live anywhere else, but I moved to New York for a few reasons: the art and culture, work and career opportunities, the opportunity to start fresh, and to live the life I've always wanted. I have not regretted that choice despite the challenges along the way.

There’s no place like home, my beloved New Orleans, where folklore and fairytales are woven into the lives and fabric of the city. It's the kind of place where creativity seems to walk on water and down streets with French names and haunts the curious minds of artists and seekers. You feel at peace and home there. My great grandfather and my grandmothers were educated in New Orleans, and generations later, I attended Loyola University, earning degrees in English Literature and Theater. I thought I would become a corporate attorney. I held off Tulane law school for a year and joined Americorp. After my tour, I decided to open a parking company to help pay what would not be covered by scholarships for law school. I fell deeply in love with the art scene and the rich culture of the city even more.

After Hurricane Katrina, I found a new home in New York City. It took time to adjust. I lost my home and community in a storm, but I found another one. I have a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the value of a home, your own space. I get it! I can know how and where to find the best homes and neighborhoods. I have made it my business for you. But your home is more than where you lay your head at night and park your boots. New York is a big city built by and held together by many communities large and small. I found my place and my people here. I can help you find yours. That’s why I’m changing the Real Estate game. I want you to experience the best of the city and make it yours! My finger stays on the pulse of the city: the best ballets, which operas are worth the three to four time commitments, the best street fairs and food bazaars, the "not to be missed" summer stages, festivals and concerts, where to go when you need to get out of the city, but not too far, low-key sexy restaurants and bars and where to vibe, when Netflix and chill gets old. I keep my network open and expanding. It may have taken me some time to get my feet wet, but I can minimize that time for you. You should benefit from my knowledge and resources. I'm not here to just rent you an apartment or sell you a home. I want you to have a lifestyle, a community and a network! That's what makes New York City worth it for me.

From the Big Easy to the Big Apple, I come as one, but I stand as seven hundred committed, dedicated and professional agents here to help you find your place and make it home.

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