Robert A. Brooks

Robert A. Brooks

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Robert "Bob" Brooks is a New York City real estate veteran of over 20 years, and has been licensed since 1996. Bob has been in virtually every building in Manhattan more times than he can count. He has an intimate knowledge of the market, from the good values to the best deals, and of the owners / management companies of most apartments and buildings.

"Owners are very consistent, whether they own one or 100 buildings. When they take care of one they take care of them all; and when they don't, they don't! This knowledge is vital in the fast-paced NYC real estate market where time is money, and the difference between getting or losing an ideal space can be a matter of minutes.”

Bob's track record in the real estate industry has kept him and his clients on a winning streak; he has consistently been one of the city's top rental agents since he began his real estate career here in 1994. To date, Bob has rented and / or sold over 8,900 apartments, closed several retail and commercial transactions, and consulted on several commercial acquisitions. As a team leader, he has trained over 700 agents and managed up to 30 agents at any given time.

While Bob has access to the whole city, he specializes in residential and commercial real estate throughout Manhattan proper – from uptown to downtown, east side to west. "Wherever my clients want to be, we can help!" Tell him what you’re looking for and what’s important to you, and he will find it. “Within reason of course,” he says. “We are in Manhattan, after all -- the most competitive and sought after market in the country!”

Because Bob knows that NYC real estate is fast and fierce, his clients need to be prepared. "At any given time there's less than a 1% vacancy rate in this city. With that slim margin of availability, it important that I instill in my clients the necessary sense of urgency so that we can strike when the right iron is hot. My job is to score them the right apartment by teaching them the rules of the game. By getting my clients to understand the need for fast footwork, the need to have a readiness of liquid funds, and the necessary documentation, and to be willing to offer such landlord incentives as additional security, I can help a client secure approval almost as soon as they choose an apartment. When a client is truly prepared and ready to go, I'll really go to bat for them and fight for them until we make the deal they are looking for."

Bob's secret for finding a great apartment in New York: Keeping in touch with your broker on a daily basis! This approach will ensure that you will be informed about the newest availability as soon as they hit the market. Call Bob every day if you have to. The market moves fast. Our listings are being updated all day long, in real time, every day.

"If you show me that you're serious, I'm going to keep a constant eye out for the apartment you're after. And if I know that you're prepared and ready to go the second the right listing comes in, I'll put everything I have into finding you the best deal. Working together and getting your feedback on a constant basis is also how I come to understand you and what you're looking for, so that I can show you the right home at the right time."

Born into a military family in Texas, Bob lived all over the world, from Chicago to Miami, Tampa, Georgia, Japan, and Germany. A NYC resident since 1994, he calls Hell's Kitchen home -- plus owns investment property in Middle Village, Queens. Bob served one tour in the US Army during the first Gulf War as a Combat Medic. He also worked as a personal trainer, life coach and motivator, massage therapist, boat captain, and day trader. This diverse set of experiences affords him seasoned customer service and business skills. Bob’s goal is to find you that special home, while making the daunting approval process as easy and enjoyable as possible!

July 2018 by Milena Rankovic
Bob Brooks is the BEST broker around!!! He was the ONLY agent to see me the same day I called. I was doing a big move from Cali to New York and he helped me through the entire process. When I arrived for my appointment, he had a list of places ready to be shown that day. He is so kind and very impressive. He got the apt that was perfect for me. He even helped me figure out the commute to my campus. He made everything really easy being alone in New York as a college student. He also spoke to my mom and help bring everything together. Everything was all settle in 2 days. I am very grateful for him and I will be recommending him to everyone I know!

May 2018 by Christine Pettis
Finding an apt in NYC can be scary, but it doesn''t have to be. Find yourself a Bob. Quick to respond, deeply understanding of my unique needs, and ready to deliver. Bob will advocate for you and genuinely try to match you with the right place. Even though I don’t have a very big budget, Bob treated me like a friend. Thank you so much for helping me!

May 2018 by Haithum Nokta
After attempting to work with several other brokers, I felt disappointed and hopeless. Enter Bob. He genuinely went out of his way to advocate for us and deliver solutions. When other brokers said no, Bob said yes. He will make the effort to really connect you with the right apartment. He will work around your schedule and find the “diamond in the rough”. Thank you very much, Bob!

May 2018 by Steven Mellina
?Bob quite simply is the man! Within 24 hours of contacting Bob, I went from extremely stressed by the NYC market to signing for a beautiful place on the UES. Bob has a great energy, is always available to talk, really listens to what you''re saying and can hone in on exactly what you''re looking for. He does not treat his clients as such, he embraces you like an old friend. No matter what you''re looking for Bob can find. He is extremely knowledgeable of the NYC market. Prior to our meeting, about 10 hours before we meet, he had already sifted through over 100 listings. I cannot recommend Bob any higher!

May 2018 by Brandon Paris
Bob took care of all our needs from the second the initial meeting started right through to the end. You would be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable and thorough agent. He worked tirelessly to get us our first choice of apartment in an amazing location at a great price. He took the time to show us each apartment, answer all our questions, and even stayed late so that we could get all our paperwork in order. A true professional, he helped turn what would have otherwise been an intimidating process into an enjoyable and exciting atmosphere. I cannot recommend him enough - if you want to work with the best around, accept no substitute. He did a fantastic job making himself available no matter the time and provided emotional support when things got stressful. Truly exceptional service!

May 2018 by Adrian Mellina
From the 1st conversation I knew Bob would find the perfect apartment. He answered every question, always accessible and made the process seamless. Found the perfect apartment and a friend as well. Can’t thank Bob enough. Adrian

May 2018 by Vlad L.
Bob was great. He has great energy and puts love and care into each of his deals. Got us a great deal in midtown west. Responds to all inquiries promptly and is overall very helpful and informative. Highly recommended. Will definitely go through him the next time I need an apartment.

May 2018 by Justin L.
Robert is a fantastic agent, and I find it unfortunate that I can''t use stronger adjectives for fear of sounding hyperbolic or disingenuous. Bob does not beat around the bush, which is a quality I''ve encountered countless times in many other agents.. To start, he arrived at our destination early (we arrived roughly 5 minutes early to find a tall man waiting at the door with a huge smile on his face) and took us in after a 5 second introduction. He proceeded to show us 3 apartments, and amazingly enough, our biggest problem was choosing which one to sign. What really sold me on Bob, though, is what he said to me as he was walking away: "If you want to get the deal done tonight, let me know. Whatever needs to be done for you to be happy and sign, just let me know and we''ll get it done. Tonight. I''ll work late for you if you want me to." That small quote essentially captures Bob''s energy and motivation which, to me, were the absolutely definitive selling points. It goes without saying that all the basics (discussing broker''s fee, paperwork, etc.) were covered seamlessly as well. All in all, Bob''s fantastic both as an agent and a person- he''ll get the job done. Just be warned that there will be hugs at the end (he really does insists on these), so be prepared once you sign.

April 2018 by Kevin Daly
Bob was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. He responded to my inquiry within minutes, and got me in to see the apartment I wanted that day. Not only Bob, but the entire staff at Bond New York went above and beyond to insure that my roommate and I got the place we wanted. He says that he “Puts love into every deal” and that couldn’t be more true! Definitely found my lifelong NYC realtor.

May 2017 by Brett Stuck
I am new to moving to New York after growing up and attending college in the Midwest. My roommate currently lives in the city, but finding an apartment that was in our price range and met many of our requests (such as a low walkup, near our workplaces or near a train, etc.) was horrific. We continued to search and search and became discouraged. That was until we came into business with Bob. Bob was easy to work with, incredibly helpful, very responsive, and everything you could ask for in a broker. If you’re located in New York or anywhere else, Bob is your guy. He is very accommodating and flexible and will do whatever it takes to find you what you are looking for. My roommate and I found the perfect place thanks to Bob. Bob is the guy I will recommend to all my friends and my own broker for life! Thanks, Bob!

May 2017 by Abie Shippee
I''ve lived in NYC for 5 years and I''ve rented A LOT of different apartments. It is always a nightmare and I try my absolute hardest to avoid brokers because I''m always spoken down to, told to come into the office and shown a bunch of things out of my price range in irrelevant neighborhoods on way higher walkup floors than I request. Bob was honest, fair & more than helpful in searching his entire database for my requirements. Then he gave me a clear list of days and times to see them, starting with the one he knew I would love. He insisted I raise my voice about any issues I may have & that he would be able to help me with ANYTHING as long as I spoke up. Every single thing I asked about he made work for me & he was right about that first apartment. We loved it & had our application in just minutes later! He took the time to explain things without being condescending and after just 30 minutes in the office & a two day span from seeing it & signing the lease, he gained a lifelong client! If you''re looking for a place, Bob is your guy! Thanks, Bob!

April 2017 by Brooke Holman
Bob Brooks has been fantastic to work with. He showed us three beautiful apartments, all in our preferred neighborhood and all in our price range, and was extremely accommodating - he even had his colleague, David, take us to see two of the places twice! I''ve seen a lot of terrible units during my apartment search, and every single place that Bob showed us was better than anything we saw elsewhere.

In the end we rented a huge one-bedroom in Hell''s Kitchen. Bob got us a great deal and has continued to be helpful even as we prepare to move, since he is so knowledgeable about the area. We''re lucky to have found him!

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