Srdjan Stojanovic

Srdjan Stojanovic

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Srdjan Stojanovic has worked in the real estate industry since 2000. As a seasoned professional,he enjoys continuous success through years of experience. Before relocating toNew York City from Serbia almost 25 years ago, Srdjan studied Adult Educationand Psychology. Prior to entering the real estate industry, his career comprised ofpublic relations, publishing, acting, and production work. His work there gavehim an innate understanding of how to negotiate sales transactions, which madehis real estate career blossom to become his full-time occupation and passion.

With the word “trust”being the key, Srdjan prides himself on helping his clients thoroughly exploretheir options, while spending with them as much time as they need to come tothe best decision for a new home. The goal is to make the process as seamlessas possible as he guides them every step of the way.

Srdjan's broadreal-world experience and insight into the needs of clients from all over the world allow him to anticipate obstacles and create solutions that other agentswouldn't think of.

He welcomes thechallenge when it’s time to negotiate a deal.

“Nothing makes mehappier than a satisfied client, one who truly values my expertise and iswilling to work with me collaboratively. An ideal client is  one who communicates well.”

Srdjan is fluent inEnglish, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian.

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