Susan Rand

Susan Rand

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Susan doesn’t just listen. She hears.

Whether in her professional life or personal life, Susan’s instincts have always been to build relationships. She communicates, establishes trust, and demonstrates her commitment to each client regardless of who they are and what they need. Approaching each transaction as a challenge in need of a solution, Susan uses her technical skills and laser sharp attention to detail to ensure each client achieves the best outcome.

Susan Rand has a lot of professional and practical experience. She has bought, sold and rented properties in Manhattan and South Florida, practiced general and cosmetic dentistry for twenty years, and raised four boys. These experiences taught her that in addition to her technical skills she also needed to be able to listen and problem solve quickly and effectively.

Susan has always been a visionary, finding ways throughout her career to use her knowledge and expertise and apply them to new opportunities. She is
a 1985 graduate of Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery and after 20 years, she transitioned out of her practice in order to co-develop a successful healthcare business.

After helping so many of her colleagues, customers and friends find Manhattan homes, she saw yet another opportunity to once again use her skills and embarked on a career in real estate.The combination of her vast understanding of the real estate market and her years of providing relationship based services, Susan’s clients know she will find the solutions to their needs.

As a native New Yorker and current resident of the Upper East side, Susan is passionate about her city and works with all types of people in all professions. She is also a walking fanatic, and has mastered the inventory and blocks she passes by exploring them everyday. She especially enjoys introducing people new to Manhattan to the home that she loves and providing them with professional guidance and a personal touch.

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