Suzanne Arcoleo

Suzanne Arcoleo

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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August 2019 by Ralph Stein
She’s a broker and a trusted friend. Doesn’t push and makes sure you’re getting what you want.

June 2014 by Egor Ampleev
I had the pleasure of working with Erica Geller, whom I met through a real estate advertisement, as well as communicating with her wonderful coworkers - Christa Lawrence and Suzanne Arcoleo at the Bond office.

I really enjoyed Erica''s approach, which was fair, honest, professional and straight-forward. She showed outstanding communication skills, excellent salesmanship and she was simply easy and pleasant to be around. Erica understood what I needed immediately and prepared good and fitting options. She was also very accurate and timely.

I definitely recommend working with Erica throughout your search.

ABC Family

Published 08/10/2015 - By Next Step Realty


ABC Family -Next Step Realty - August 10, 2015 

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