Tina Ortiz

Tina Ortiz

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Tina Ortiz brings first hand knowledge of the moving process to her clients having lived in various parts of Long Island, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles and New York. She treats her clients’ transactions as if they were her own providing a trustworthy, detail oriented, well-researched and accountable experience. Her goal it to make sure her clients walk away completely satisfied.

Tina is known for her reliability, honesty, and genuine joy in learning about not just what her clients want but who they are. She works to align her clients’ lifestyle with their housing needs and builds relationships with them in order to achieve this.

Before joining BOND, Tina worked for a contractor (who had a recurring role on To Catch A Contractor on Spike TV) in Los Angeles, specializing in both commercial and residential new development as well as flipping homes. Here, she learned the different variables that make up a property’s value and the ins and outs of renovation, knowledge that has proven to be invaluable to her clients.

Tina has had many interesting professional experiences. From obtaining an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science where she studied to become a Funeral Director, to obtaining an Associates Degree in Accessories Design from FIT, to extensive careers in hospitality and event planning for high profile events, she has cultivated a skill set that enables her to think outside the box to overcome very challenging situations with ease and oversee multiple moving parts to ensure a smooth outcome. Each experience has a common thread: relationships and trust. Tina prides herself on being accurate in what she presents to a client and, not steering them into something they didn't ask for.

As a Native New Yorker and fitness lover, Tina loves to walk through the city (at a very fast pace). When not exploring the many neighborhoods, she loves to try different workout methods the city has to offer. She also loves to try out new restaurants and revisiting old favorites. She also finds quiet time to build on and refine her mediation techniques and going for a hike or just being in nature are some of her favorite hobbies. Art, music, science and technology keep her motivated.

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