Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Tyler Jones is a dedicated professional who started his career in Real Estate eight years ago. Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Tyler has lived in New York for over 12 years. He has first-hand knowledge of how difficult it is to move to New York from another state. He uses that experience to educate his clients on all aspects of the rental process in Manhattan.

Tyler attended culinary school in Kansas and built a successful career as a chef in a few of the well known restaurants in Manhattan, such as the Hurricane Club and Slate. Working in hospitality helped Tyler polish his communication skills and become attentive to those he works with. His excellent customer service skills have enhanced his Real Estate career.

Primarily focusing on the Upper East Side, Tyler personally knows many of the landlords in the area. This enables him to provide his clients with five star service in helping them with the right fit in the neighborhood.

Contact Tyler Jones any time (he's a workaholic and is available to his clients whenever he is needed) if you need high-quality service in the tough world of real estate rentals in New York City.

March 2016 by Philip B.
Anastasiia and Tyler were great! As someone totally new to NY and the way the apartment hunting process goes there I found it hard to believe everything most brokers said and was being shown lots of what I didn''t want for over my price range. Anastasiia listened to what I really wanted, only suggested properties that matched my requirements and was upfront about the broker''s fees and potential to get any discounts there. After I was beat to my perfect apartment by someone else (twice!), Anastasiia worked tirelessly to get me a place that was even better than the original, for the same price in an adjacent building. Tyler was great when he showed me the original place and his enthusiasm for it I mistook for general broker sales pressure, but was really telling me it was such a great deal it wouldn''t last for long and I should have listened. They were both great and made me feel like I was dealing with honest people who cared about what I needed and not the general liars or sleaze I encountered with several other NYC brokers. Thanks!

March 2016 by Annie M.
?I have been living in New York for over seven years, have moved almost as many times and was very impressed with Anastasia and Tyler as Real Estate Agents. They were professional, personable, courteous and genuinely interested in helping me find the right apartment (within my parameters) rather than just seeking to sell property. In fact, they managed to find me a no-fee listing and negotiated a mid-month start date (two of my requests). I would very much recommend them to friends in the city.?

March 2016 by Abby L.
These guys are great. Tyler and Anastasia helped myself and my boyfriend find a new apartment a few months ago. They were patient with us and actually listed to what we wanted and didn''t just show is what needed to be rented quickly. Anastasia even went as far as running across town and coming back to get keys for a brand new listing next to the building we were standing in so we can the first look. (we ended up taking that apartment.) I love our new home thanks to them.?

March 2016 by Julia B.
Very professional team. Anastasia and Tyler provided as with a top level of cooperation. They made all process smooth and easy. Highly recommend them as strong skilled brokers.

March 2016 by Aisha H.
Anastasiia and Tyler make an excellent team. Both of them helped me get the right apartment. They are extremely good at what they do.

Tyler was very proactive with following up and showing me the right listings. He asked the questions in the beginning to figure out what I need and hence showed me exactly what I was looking for.He was very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods in Manhattan and was extremely patient, and not pushy (like other agents in the city).
Anastasiia helped with getting my paperwork to the landlord in timely manner and following up with the landlord. She even got an application fee refunded to me within a week for an application that didn''t go through for a rental.

Both team members are very professional, courteous, and conscientious. It''s so rare to see these qualities in new york city.

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