Park Slope

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Boundaries: 15th St. to Flatbush Ave., Prospect Park West to Fourth Ave.


Where Would You Live? Park Slope is defined by its brownstones found along tree-lined streets.

Neighborhood Features: Considered the most family friendly neighborhood in Brownstone Brooklyn and has excellent schools; locally grown food options at The Park Slope Food Co-op and farmer’s market at Grand Army Plaza; outdoor recreation at Prospect Park; conveniences such as dry cleaners and pharmacies as well as dining found along 7th and 5th Avenues.

Subways: 2,3,4,5,B,Q,D,N,R to Atlantic Ave.-Barclays Center | 2,3 to Bergen St. | B,Q to Seventh Ave. | 2,3 to Grand Army Plaza | R to Union St. | F,G,R to 4th Ave./9th St. | F,G to Seventh Ave. | F,G to 15th St./Prospect Park