Client Experiences

Alison Bretherick

Alison was extremely helpful throughout our entire apartment finding process. We happened to meet her at a random listing but exchanged numbers and were very surprised with how thorough and invested she was in us finding a new home! We gave her our budget, our idea of an apartment, and neighborhoods we were excited about, or even slightly open to, and within a few hours created an entire itinerary of apartments for us to look at a few days later. When we were especially excited about one apartment, she gave us her honest opinions about how it compared to others, what some of the pros and cons were, which ultimately helped us make our decision. Would highly recommend Alison!

by Sydney December 2018

Suzel Stampleman

Suzel has the 3 essential traits that make an excellent agent: She is knowledgeable, she is dedicated, and she cares. I worked with Suzel for several years, and I watched her attention to detail, her persistence, and her loyalty to her clients. Should I find myself moving back to New York, I would use no one else.

by MaryJo Griner December 2018

Dawn Plyley

I moved in next door to Dawn and I immediately liked her. I admired Dawn for her creativity, her high intelligence, her honesty and I knew in my heart that she was someone I would always trust. When my daughter was born and was a mere one day old, I held her out to Dawn and entrusted her to hold her. Shortly after, my husband and I chose Dawn to be my daughter''s God Mother. Lucky for us she said yes and has always been an important presence in her life. What does this have to do with being a Real Estate Agent you can trust? Everything. I cannot recommend Dawn enough as the person you choose to help you make one of the most important, stressful, expensive decisions in your life. You too will be making a testimonial like myself.

by Susan Walsh December 2018

Stacy Mantjos

I had a pleasure working with Stacy to find myself an Apartment. I have to say she made this often not-so-pleasant and stressful process super enjoyble. Apart from her being super nice you see her commitment and real effort in helping you finding your home. I highly recommend working with Stacy!

by Nina Kalandadze December 2018

Barbara Riddle-Dvorak

Because I am have a long time relationship with my realtor, I''m not in a position to use Barbara''s services. That said, she has offered sage advice and support in my several recent real estate transactions, to include masterfully editing the description of my latest condo on the market. Her description of herself in her write up is utterly accurate: I''ll add that she is unusually resourceful, personable, and low pressure (actually no pressure). She will be comfortable for any potential client to simply chat with as that person explores options.

by Nancy Tait December 2018

Gabriella Santoro

Gaby was fantastic as my real estate agent. I'd been looking for several years when she started working with me, and she helped me kick my search into high gear. Over 12 months, she found and took me to dozens of properties, learning each time (along with me!) a little more about what was really important to me. When we found the apartment I eventually purchased, I was already prepared with all of my necessary documents, thanks to Gaby's guidance. She is patient, sharp, thorough, and kind. She knew what questions to ask, and more importantly, guided me through the process in a way that took care of both the practical elements (what to offer, how to prepare, what factors to consider) and the emotional elements (how did I feel, how did that inform what I should do, why I should or shouldn't be concerned about any given part of the process). I STRONGLY recommend buying a home with Gaby. She is a great partner for a first-time home buyer, and I would also use her for any future home purchases.

by David Rosen November 2018

Erwin Oviedo

Erwin was a great agent and helped my boyfriend, dog, and I find a new apartment within 2 weeks. He kept us posted frequently via text/call/email. Erwin is not a 9am-5pm guy; he will work with you through all hours of the night. He was accommodating with my overnight work schedule. I would recommend him to any family/friends looking for a new a place.

by Tiffany Balico November 2018

Erwin Oviedo

Reached out to him in 2016 and he helped me greatly back then. I didn''t use him at that moment unfortunately, however I remembered that Erwin went above and beyond for me back then. Because of this I recently reached out to Erwin and he exceeded all expectations and helped me obtain a dream apartment. I not only gained a great agent, but also a great friend. I will reach out to Erwin again upon my next move.

by Edgar De La Vega November 2018

Kacy Worker

Kacy was AMAZING! She went above and beyond to help us find the perfect home. Doing multiple searches for us and showing us apartments at odd times that accommodated our hectic schedules. I would definitely use her services again and recommend her to all my friends!

by Liza November 2018

Bryan Leon

Bryan was extremely helpful in finding me an apartment that I love with no stress on my end. I had just moved to NYC from Hawaii, and knew almost nothing about the city. Bryan was able to help me find a neighborhood that had everything I was looking for, and was able to get me an apartment within a just a few days of starting my search. I would highly recommend working with Bryan when trying to find an apartment.

by Simon Mitchell November 2018

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